F.R. de Bertodano y Wilson, 8th Marques del Moral (1871-1955; in College 1888-91 [known as Lopez]), Spanish nobleman; as an intelligence officer in the Boer War managed the investigation against “Breaker” Morant; in the Spanish Civil War organised pro-Franco public opinion in England.

Sir Ferguson Crawford, KBE, CMG (1894-1978; in College 1913-14), Rhodes Scholar, Governor of the Northern Province of Sudan and head of Middle Eastern Development (from Cyprus and Turkey to Ethiopia and Pakistan) in the British Foreign Office.

Kim Mackay (1902-60; in College 1925-26), founder of the Australian Institute of Political Science, author of Federal Europe (1941), British MP (Labour), founder of the European Union of Federalists 1946, and chair of the European Parliamentary Union 1949. (Australian Dictionary of Biography; K. Gildart, “An Australian Socialist in England: Kim Mackay, the British Left and European Federalism”, History Cooperative)

Nicholas Davis FRSA (b 1978; in College 1997-2001), Senior Director and Head of Europe, World Economic Forum.

Nat Ware (b 1988; in College 2009-11), Rhodes Scholar; founder of the international social enterprise consulting 180s Degrees Consulting, the world’s largest consultancy for non-profit and social enterprises.