Humanities and the Church

Humanities and the Church

David Marr (Daily Telegraph photo)

David Marr (Daily Telegraph photo)

The Ven Henry Alexander Woodd (1865-1954; in College 1884-86), Archdeacon of Gloucester, Archdeacon of the Hunter, both in the diocese of Newcastle. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Rt Revd Henry Newton (1866-1947; in College 1886-88), second Bishop of Carpentaria, second Bishop of New Guinea. He founded St Paul’s College, Moa, Torres Strait, a training College for Indigenous Clergy. [John Garrett, Footsteps in the Sea: Christianity in Oceania to World War II (1992)]

Frederick Watson (1878-1945; in College 1897-98, 1902), historian. He edited most of the multi-volume Historical Records of Australia. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; A.M. Mitchell, “Dr Frederick Watson and Historical Records of Australia”, Historical Studies, vol 20 (1982)]

H.O. Lethbridge MBE (1880-1944; in College 1899-1903). A medical doctor who collected and translated very many Aboriginal songs, with music, during a career attending gratis to their needs [H.O. Lethbridge (ed.), Australian Aboriginal Songs (Melbourne 1952); W.S. [Bill] Oliver, The Great White Father: The Biography of a Great Australian: Dr H.O. Lethbridge (1880-1944) (Terranora, NSW, 1999)]

H.M. Green (1881–1962; in College 1899), literary historian. He wrote, with much else, A History of Australian Literature Pure and Applied (1961), a fundamental text in the history of Australian writing.  With Tom Inglis Moore (below), he was one of the three leading proponents for the inclusion of Australian literature in university and schools curricula. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Rt Revd George Alexander Chambers (1877–1963; in College 1900), first Bishop of Central Tanganyika and a significant builder of Christian missions; founder of Trinity Grammar School. [Nancy de S.P. Sibtain, Dare to Look Up: A Memoir of Bishop George Alexander Chambers (1968)]

The Rt Revd G.H. Cranswick (1882-1954; in College 1901-03), Bishop of Gippsland. He was devoted to racial equality and the education of women, including their training in the Church [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Revd Jerry (Garnet Vere) Portus (1883-1954; in College 1903-05; Fellow 1916-27, 1928-34), Rhodes Scholar, historian and educator, Professor of History and Political Science at the University of Adelaide, a brilliant lecturer and radio broadcaster, and a life-long advocate of adult education. (See also “Education”, “Sport”.) [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Leslie Cowlishaw FRSMed (1877–1943; in College 1894), a pioneer of medical history in Australia and a significant collector of historical texts. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Rt Revd Leo Fortescue Ash (1882-1956; in College 1904-07), Bishop of Rockhampton.

The Rt Revd Ernest Henry Burgmann (1885-1967; in College 1909-11), Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn. He led the post-World War One movement to rethink Anglicanism for twentieth-century Australia, especially as editor of the national journal, the Morpeth Review, and as Bishop worked to bring the Church to the centre of national life. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; Peter Hempenstall, The Meddlesome Priest: A Life of Ernest Burgmann (1993)]

The Revd A.P. Elkin CMG (1891–1979; in College 1912-14; Fellow 1935-66 [Chairman 1963-66]), one of the most significant Australian intellectuals of the twentieth century, Professor of Anthropology at the University of Sydney, one of the founders of Anthropology in Australia, and an influential advocate of Aboriginal rights. In the 1930s he led the wholesale reconsideration of the position of Indigenous people in Australian life . [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Gavin Long OBE, Officer of the Royal Order of the Phoenix (Greece) (1901–68; in College 1919-21, 1924), general editor of Australia in the War of 1939-1945 and a major contributor to the evolution of the Australian War Memorial. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; Oxford Companion to Australian Military History]

Rex Knight (1903-63; in College 1920-21), educationalist and psychologist, foundation Anderson Professor of Psychology, University of Aberdeen, and author, with his wife Margaret (Horsey), of the long-standing text, A Modern Introduction to Psychology. [Wikipedia]

Tom Inglis Moore OBE (1901-78; in College 1921-25, Tutor 1932-34, Sub-Warden 1933-34), poet, novelist, teacher, literary critic and radio broadcaster. With H.M. Green (above), he was one of the two or three leading advocates for the inclusion of  Australian literature in university and school curricula. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Ven Oliver Cordell (1900-83; in College 1923), missionary and teacher, translated the New Testament from the original Hebrew and Greek into Cigogo, the first such achievement with an East African language.

L.F. Fitzhardinge FAHA (1908–93; in College 1927-29), historian. He wrote among other things the two-volume biography of William Morris Hughes. [Margaret Dent, “A Man and His Books: The Library of L.F. Fitzhardinge”, National Library of Australia News, June 1995]

The Rt Revd David Garnsey (1909-96; in College 1927-30), Rhodes Scholar, Headmaster of Canberra Grammar School, Bishop of Gippsland. Within the Australian Church, he “played a formative role in the fields of education, ecumenism and the ministry of women”. See also “Education”.

Tom Dunbabin DSO (1911-55; in College 1928), Classics scholar an archaeologist, Fellow of All Souls’ College, Oxford; played a key role in organising local resistance in Crete against German invasion during World War Two. [Wikipedia]

Clive Nield (1908-77; in College 1929), founder, with his wife Janet Blake Nield, of Koornong, a progressive school at Warrandyte, Victoria, a model of its kind. [Anne Sanders, “Nield, Joseph Clive (1908–1977)”, Obituaries Australia]

The Rt Revd Kenneth Clements (1905-92; in College 1930-32), Bishop of Grafton 1956-61, and Bishop of Canberra and Goulburn 1961-71; a founder of Burgmann College, ANU. [Wikipedia]

Peter Moyes AM OBE (1917-2007: in College 1936-38), Head of Christ Church Grammar School, Perth, and chairman of the Headmasters’ Conference of the Independent Schools of Australia; founder of the lower-fee, co-educational system of Anglican schools in Australia. [Wikipedia]

Kenneth Eyre Read (1917-95; in College 1936-40), Professor of Anthropology at the University of Washington, and the “the first Melanesianist to directly address morality as a theoretical issue”, a fundamental insight for social scientists. [John Barker and others, The Anthropology of Morality in Melanesia and Beyond]

John Russell Rowland (1925-96; in College 1942-44), poet and diplomat, author of five volumes of verse. [Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, John Rowland, 1925–1996: A Memento [1997?];]

The Rt Revd Max Thomas (1926-2008; in College 1943-47), Bishop of Wangaratta (afterwards Warden of the College). He had a keen interest in ecumenism and especially relations between Anglicanism and Orthodoxy, and he led the move for the ordination of women in the Australian Church. [Wikipedia]

Peter Garnsey FBA, FAHA (b 1938; in College 1956-60), Rhodes Scholar, Professor of the History of Classical Antiquity and Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge.

Bruce Kapferer (b 1940; in College 1959), Professor of Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen, Norway, and Honorary Professor, University College London; founder of the journal Social Analysis. He has been awarded the Huxley Medal for his work on mythology and state formation. [Wikipedia]

Alan Atkinson FAHA (b 1946; in College 1964, 1966-67, Senior Tutor 2010-16 ; Fellow 2011-16), Professor of History at the University of New England, author of Camden and of the three-volume The Europeans in Australia; winner of the Victorian Prize for Literature, 2015.

David Marr FAHA (b 1947; in College 1965-68), writer. He is the author of biographies of Garfield Barwick and Patrick White and is a leading Australian political and social commentator; Walkley Award winner 1985, 1991, 2004. [Wikipedia]

Barry Spurr (b 1950; in College 1970-74, Senior Tutor 1978-87); Australia’s first Professor of Poetry and Poetics, University of Sydney, 2011-15.

David Musgrave (b 1965; in College 1984-86), poet, multiple winner of various poetry awards (Henry Lawson Prize, Newcastle Poetry Prize, Bruce Dawe National Poetry Prize). [Wikipedia]

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