Government, Law and Civil Rights

Government, Law and Civil Rights

Nick Cowdery QC, former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, gadfly of government. (Daily Telegraph photo)

Prof Nick Cowdery AO QC,
former NSW Director of Public Prosecutions,
gadfly of government.
(Daily Telegraph photo)

Francis Edward Rogers (1841-1925; in College 1857-58), district court judge and many times royal commissioner in NSW. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

George Henry Thorn (1838/40-1905; in College 1858), Premier of Queensland. [Australian Dictionary of Biography; there is some confusion as to the identity of this man]

The Hon Robert Pring (1853–1922; in College 1870), NSW Supreme Court justice, and acting Chief Justice. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon A.B. Piddington (1862–1945; in College 1880-83, Vice-Warden 1883-84), High Court justice (appointed but did not sit) and Royal Commissioner; as chair of the Royal Commission on the Basic Wage was “Australia’s outstanding advocate of child endowment”; argued strongly for women’s rights and the better distribution of wealth. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Sir Philip Street, KCMG, KStJ (1863–1938; in College 1881-83), NSW Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Thomas Roseby (1867–1929; in College 1889), Chief Judge, Condominium Court of the New Hebrides, Chief Judge Supreme Court of Mauritius. [Sydney Morning Herald, 2 Oct 1929; The Times (London), 12 November 1929]

Richard Windeyer (1868-1959; in College 1889-90), barrister, acting NSW Supreme Court justice. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Edward Milner Stephen (1870–1939; in College 1890-91), NSW Supreme Court justice [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Harrie Dalrymple Wood, CMG (1869-1937; in College 1891), Prothonotary, NSW Supreme Court. [Sydney Morning Herald, 30 July 1937]

The Hon Sir John Peden (1871-1946; in College 1891-99 [Vice-Warden 1892-99], Fellow 1898-1928), Professor of Law at Sydney University and President of the NSW Legislative Council. [The Times (London), 9 Nov 1945; Australian Dictionary of Biography]

James Leslie Williams, CMG, MBE (1870-1949; in College 1891-92, Fellow 1908-42), Chairman of the NSW Public Service Board.

Norman de Horne Rowland (1865–1931; in College 1892-94, Vice-Warden 1903-04, Sub-Warden 1908-09), judge in Papua New Guinea, Crown Prosecutor, Sydney Quarter Sessions [Sydney Morning Herald, 27 June 1931]

The Hon Sir Michael Bruxner, KBE, DSO, Chevalier de la Légion d’Honneur (1882-1969; in College 1901-03), NSW Deputy Premier (Country Party) [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Sir Kenneth Street, KCMG, KStJ (1890–1972; in College 1908-10), NSW Chief Justice and Lieutenant-Governor. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Rt Hon Sir Dudley Williams, PC, KBE (1889–1962; in College 1909-11), High Court justice and Acting Chief Justice. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Roland Green, FRGS (1885-1947; in College 1910), sailor and explorer, Federal MP (Country Party).

The Hon J.P. Abbott, OBE (1891–1965; in College 1910-13), Australian Minister for Home Security (Country Party). [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Sir Vernon Treatt, KBE (1897–1984; in College 1915-16, 1920, Sub-Warden 1925-29), Rhodes Scholar, NSW Minister for Justice (Liberal Party) [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Sir Alan Mansfield, KCMG, KCVO, KStJ, CBE (1902-80; in College 1920-23), Chief Justice, Queensland Supreme Court, Governor of Queensland, Chancellor of the University of Queensland. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Donald Cameron, OBE (1900-74; in College 1918-20, 1922-27, Senior Student 1925-27), Federal Minister for Health (Liberal), High Commissioner to New Zealand and in Queensland one of the founders of Meals on Wheels. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Hon Frank Carter Stephen (1901-71; in College 1920-25), NSW District Court Judge and Acting Supreme Court Judge; he also wrote the Students’ Club Constitution and he was a significant benefactor at his death. 

Sir Leslie Melville, KBE (1902-2002; in College 1923), Assistant Governor, Commonwealth Bank, Vice-Chancellor of the Australian National University, chairman of the Australian Tariff Board and of the Commonwealth Grants Commission [I.J. Macfarlane, “Sir Leslie Melville: His Contribution to Central Banking in Australia”, Reserve Bank of Australia Bulletin, April 2002]

Clive Evatt, Commander of the Royal Order of the Phoenix (Greece) (1900-84; in College 1924-26), distinguished barrister, NSW Minister for Education, and later Housing (Labor Party). [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Ewan Robson, CBE (1906-74; in College 1924-25), Leader of the Opposition, NSW (Liberal Party). [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

The Rt Hon Sir William McMahon, PC, GCMG, CH (1908–88; in College 1927-33), Australian Prime Minister (Liberal Party). [Australian Dictionary of Biography; “People of the Liberal Party: Sir William McMahon”, Liberals.Net]

The Hon Sir Nigel Bowen, AC, KBE (1911–94; in College 1928-30), Federal Court judge, Australian Foreign Minister (Liberal Party) [Wikipedia]

The Hon Geoffrey Lucas, AC (1912-92; in College 1930-32), Senior Puisne Judge of Queensland Supreme Court; royal commissioner, 1967, inquiring into the collision of HMAS Voyager and HMAS Melbourne.

Edward St John (1916-94; in College 1934-38), Federal MP (Liberal Party), a leading figure in the International Commission of Jurists, founding member of Australian Lawyers for Nuclear Disarmament and co-founder of the Australian Peace Foundation. [Wikipedia; E.H. St John, A Time to Speak (1969)]

The Hon E. Gough Whitlam, AC (b 1916; in College 1935-42, Senior Student 1941), Australian Prime Minister (Labor Party). [Jenny Hocking, Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History (2008), and Gough Whitlam: His Time (2012); [Wikipedia]

Air Marshall Sir James Rowland, AC, KBE, DFC, AFC (1922-99; in College 1940-41), Governor of New South Wales and Chancellor of Sydney University. [Wikipedia]

John Russell Rowland (1925-96; in College 1942-44), poet and diplomat, Ambassador to the Soviet Union and to France and Morocco. [Oxford Companion to Twentieth-Century Poetry; Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, John Rowland, 1925–1996: A Memento [1997?]; Austlit website]

The Hon M.H. (Moss) Cass (b. 1927; in College 1945), Federal Minister for Environment and Conservation (Labor Party). He failed to prevent the flooding of Lake Pedder but laid the groundwork for the conservation of Fraser Island and the government protection of the Great Barrier Reef. [Wikipedia]

The Hon Jerrold Cripps (b 1933; in College 1950-55), Chief Judge of the NSW Land and Environment Court, Judge of the NSW Supreme Court and Court of Appeals Court, and commissioner of the Independent Commission Against Corruption.

Anthony Dingle (1932-2001; in College 1951-54), successively High Commissioner to Ghana, Sierra Leone and The Gambia, Ambassador to Denmark and Iceland, and Ambassador to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador and Panama.

Julian Beale (b. 1934; in College 1952-53), Opposition spokesman with various portfolios (Liberal Party).

The Hon W.V. Windeyer AM (b 1936; in College 1954-56), NSW Supreme Court judge.

Malcolm Dan (b. 1935; in College 1954-57), Ambassador to Argentina and Uruguay and Paraguay, and to Chile and Bolivia. Deputy Ambassador to Indonesia.

The Hon Terence Cole, AO (b 1937; in College 1955-59), NSW Appeals Court justice, royal commissioner and deputy judge-advocate, Australian Defence Force. [Wikipedia]

The Hon Sir Robert Kynnersley Woods, Kt, CBE (1939-2021; in College 1957), judge of the Supreme Court of Papua New Guinea.

Oliver Cordell (b. 1938; in College 1956-59), Ambassador to Hungary and High Commissioner to Nigeria.

Jack Grahame (1933-2013; in College 1957), prisoners’ advocate and prison reformer; joint founder of the Penal Reform Council. [Sydney Morning Herald, 10 March 2014]

The Hon Lloyd Waddy, AM RFD QC (b 1939; in College 1958-61), Family Court judge (and a Fellow). National Convener Australians for Constitutional Monarchy, Wing Commander RAAF.

The Hon Henric Nicholas, QC (1941-2021; in College 1958-61), NSW Supreme Court judge (and a Fellow).

The Hon John Lehane (1941-2001; in College 1960-63), Federal Court judge (and a Fellow)

The Hon J Dyson Heydon, AC QC (b 1943; in College 1960-64, Senior Student 1964), Rhodes Scholar, Justice of the High Court of Australia. [Wikipedia]

Hugh Wyndham (b 1942; in College 1962-64), Ambassador to Argentina.

Colin Willis (b 1944; in College 1962-66), High Commissioner to Malta.

Nicholas Cowdery, AO QC (b 1946; in College 1963-66), NSW Director of Public Prosecutions, President of the International Association of Prosecutors. [Wikipedia]

Anthony (Tony) Abrahams, AM (b 1944; in College 1964-65), lawyer, member of the ‘Magnificent Seven’ group of international rugby players who initiated debate over apartheid in 1971.

The Hon Andrew Refshauge (b 1949; in College 1968-70), NSW Deputy Premier (Labor Party). [Wikipedia]

The Hon Robert Tickner (b 1951; in College 1970-71), Federal Minister for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs (Labor Party). [Wikipedia]

Peter King (b 1952; in College 1971-75), Rhodes Scholar, barrister, NSW State President of the Liberal Party and Federal MP (Liberal Party). [Wikipedia]

The Hon Sandy MacDonald (b 1954; in College 1972-73), Senator for New South Wales (National Party). [Wikipedia]

The Hon David Yates (b 1954; in College 1973-76), Federal Court justice. [Wikipedia]

The Hon John Anderson AO (b. 1956; in College 1975-76), Deputy Prime Minister and Leader of the National Party. [Wikipedia]

The Hon Robertson Wright (b. 1955; in College 1978-85), NSW Supreme Court judge and first President of the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal.

Miles Armitage (b 1964; in College 1982-85; Senior Student 1985), Ambassador to East Timor, and for Counter-Terrorism, to Jordan, and to Saudi Arabia.

Dr James Renwick CSC SC (b 1963; in College 1983-84, Sub-Warden 1992-93), Fulbright Scholar 2007, barrister, legal officer in the Royal Australian Naval Reserve where James holds the rank of Captain, appointed by the Governor-General as Australia’s Independent National Security Legislation Monitor in 2017.

The Hon Mark Leeming (b 1969; in College 1987-90), NSW Supreme Court judge.

The Hon Ben Franklin (b. 1972; in College 1990-1996), Member of the NSW Legislative Council (Nationals).

Dr Peter Phelps (b 1968; in College 1990-93), Member of the NSW Legislative Council (Liberal; self-described “libertarian with social-conservative tendencies”). [Wikipedia]

Ben Saul (b 1976; in College 1995-97), University medallist. Challis Professor of International Law at Sydney University and a leading human rights advocate, including especially the rights of refugees. [Wikipedia] In 2019 heading to Harvard Law School to be the Gough Whitlam and Malcolm Fraser Visiting Professor of Australian Studies.

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