Rawson Cup

Rawson Cup

For more than a hundred years the Rawson Cup competition has been one of the defining elements of College life.

The Rawson Cup is the prize in an annual sporting contest between the male students of St Paul’s, St John’s, St Andrew’s and Wesley Colleges.  The Rawson and Rosebowl (for intercollegiate women’s sport) competitions are both run under the auspices of Sydney University Sport and Fitness.  Details of each competition, including the current program and results, are to be found on the SUSF website. The Intercollegiate Code of Conduct, and the Intercollegiate Sporting Code of Conduct are also to be found there.

Although St Paul’s were the first winners of the Rawson Cup in 1906, throughout most of its early history the Cup was won by St Andrew’s College (see Origins and Results). Possession of the Cup has been shared over the years mainly by Paul’s and Andrew’s.  However, in the years before World War Two, Paul’s won only seven times and Andrew’s 22, and while there has been overall equality since then, Andrew’s has enjoyed two periods of sustained dominance, the 1990s and the period since 2010.

Swimming was added to the competition in 1947, Basketball in 1975 (Shooting being abandoned in the same year) and Football in 1993. Initially the award of the Cup was on a first place basis, with second place being counted (from 1922) in the case of two colleges winning the same number of events. The present 5:3:1:0 scoring system was introduced in 1948, but the ‘challenge cup’ principle was preserved – that is, the winner from the previous year keeps the Cup when the scores are tied.

For more on the history of the competition, see Geoffrey Sherington and Steven Georgakis, Sydney University Sport 1852-2007: More than a Club (2008). For a detailed account of placings in all intercollegiate sports since 1892, see Ian Jack’s history of St Andrew’s College, The Andrew’s Book (latest edition 2013), pp. 116-22.

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