For over 150 years St Paul’s College, from its modest numbers, has sent forth Governors, Prime Ministers, Generals, Justices, clergy, doctors, geologists, Rhodes Scholars and even a Chancellor of our University. This has only been possible because of the enduring generosity of others. Hundreds have received scholarships and other support has been offered to those who need help to attend University at all. Presently we award approximately $1,000,000 in such assistance annually.

As we now look forward, St Paul’s College aspires to be internationally recognised as a place of rigorous intellectual, moral and spiritual engagement at the heart of the University, a place where undergraduate and graduate students, academic staff and visitors – reflecting the full spectrum of university life – interact, grow and learn from one another in a mutually supportive residential environment.

Residential community life also enriches community involvement, service of others, empathy and fellowship. All, including those best and brightest minds, encompass within our community outstanding sportsmen, artists, debaters, musicians and social entrepreneurs.

Apply now for financial support to attend St Paul’s College

The College awards a significant number of scholarships which are funded by the College Foundation and by a series of generous individual benefactors. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of a variety of factors including academic merit and financial need. There is also an expectation of active contribution to the life of the College. Retention is dependent on satisfactory academic progress.

In any one year there are between 60 and 70 scholarship holders, so that over a quarter of all students at St Paul’s are beneficiaries of a scholarship of one sort or another. Several are for full fees and the majority are for half fees. Also awarded each year are a large number of medals and other prizes, for leadership, for academic achievement and for performance in music, oratory, debating and so on, some of which are monetary. Click here for a list of benefactors who have enabled St Paul’s to offer scholarships to its students.

Download the St Paul's College Scholarship Form

Apply For a St Paul's College Scholarship

Full-fee Scholarships (renewable for three years; on occasion these are shared):

  • 3 Albert Scholarships
  • The Arnott Postgraduate Scholarship
  • The Warden’s Scholarship
  • 2 McConnell Scholarships
  • 2 Glendonbrook Scholarships

Half-fee Scholarships (renewable for three years):

  • 30 Foundation Scholarships
  • The Foundation Indigenous Scholarship
  • The John Booth Music Scholarship
  • 2 Pauline Scholarships
  • The Sharp Indigenous Scholarship
  • The Sharp Medical Scholarship
  • The Medical Alumni Scholarship
  • 5 Glendonbrook Scholarships

Scholarships equivalent to one-quarter or one-eighth fees:

  • Grainger Scholarships
  • 2 Wallace Anderson Scholarships (for students from The King’s School, for two years)
  • The F.F. Bundock Scholarship (preferably for students from The King’s School, up to three years)
  • The Canon Stephen Scholarship
  • Gledonbrook Scholarship
  • Kokoda Scholarships
  • Warden’s Grants


Sydney Uni Sports and Fitness (SUSF) offer a scholarship in conjunction with the College – details can be found on the SUSF scholarships web site.

Note: you must also submit a St Paul’s College Scholarship Application if applying for the SUSF scholarship.

Note that there is a single application form for all scholarships at St Paul’s College.

A significant number of St Paul’s College scholarships come up for re-awarding annually.

All scholarship applicants must firstly submit a residential application to the College.

Enquiries: or call 9550 7451

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