Academic year

Academic Year

The educational year at St Paul’s College has three main aspects:

  • The tutorials connected with University work.
  • The Positive Education program. (For the curriculum, see here.)
  • Physical fitness programs operating through the year, at two levels, under the auspices of Human Performance, with former Waratah Tom Carter.

Semester One

During O-Week Tuesday afternoon is devoted to academic orientation and to introducing Positive Education at Paul’s: its aims, the two branches of the program (mind and emotions), the uses of the Positive Education section in the Mansfield Library and an outline of the program for the whole year, including the Certificate course.

Tutorials begin in week two.

During the first part of Semester One all freshers meet regularly with One-to-One supervisors. Besides receiving academic and pastoral support, they are encouraged to pursue an interest in Positive Education.

For Positive Education the main activity in Semester One is the Certificate course, managed in coordination with The Positivity Institute. Those who attend a minimum number of sessions receive the St Paul’s College Certificate in Positive Education, but any member of the College may attend any of the sessions.

The Certificate course consists of ten weekly sessions of approximately 90 minutes each, initially 4.30 to 6.00 on Tuesday afternoons.

We aim to co-ordinate the Positive Education and physical fitness courses, and both are co-ordinated by the Sub-Warden.

The Positive Education Dinner, at which Certificates are presented, comes at the end of the Certificate course, with invited guests and a speaker.

Other Positive Education activities (in order):

  1. Distribution to freshers of a sheet on “Brain Plasticity”.
  2. Visit from Mr Callaway, who speaks to the freshers about the aims of the program and introduces some of the concepts covered later in the year in the Certificate course.
  3. An essay competition on a topic related to Positive Education, with up to two prizes of $250 each.
  4. The video of a Harvard address by Dr Tal Ben-Shahar (edited), on the subject of positivity, is shown.

Semester Two

Tutorials begin in Week Two and continue throughout the Semester.

During this semester the main Positive Education activity is a six-week course on Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, run by the Sydney firm Openground, with Dr Libba Granger.

Towards the end of each year the incoming student Positive Education Committee is appointed, copies of Daniel Kahneman, Thinking, Fast and Slow, are bought for distribution to all incoming freshers during January, so that part of the book, at least, may be read before they come into residence.