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Life at St Paul’s for undergraduate students

At the undergraduate level, St Paul’s is a residential community for male students at the University of Sydney and, for 2020, other major metropolitan universities. The College has a strong commitment to providing the best all-round educational experience for its students. Use the sections below to learn more about life at St Paul’s and to apply for residence.

For information about Graduate House, which admits women and men postgraduate students and academics, click here.


Life at a university college contributes to academic success and broader engagement with university life. Paul’s seeks to cater especially for young men who are (or aim to be) high achievers, who understand teamwork of all sorts and who know how to manage their time. It is important to apply early.

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For information about Graduate House, click here.

Life in College

Meals in Hall bring the community together, especially formal dinner every weekday evening. Tutorials,  Sporting teamscelebrations, and outreach activities are features of student life. All this takes place within the larger context of the Pauline community, including former students of all ages.


The College has a substantial site at the centre of the University grounds and near King Street, Newtown. It has its own Oval. The Chapel is a particularly fine example of modern church architecture. The new Ivan Head Building offers world-class accommodation for over 100 undergraduates, tutorial rooms, and a well-equipped gymnasium. Further new facilities are being developed in coming years.

Academic work

St Paul’s aims to be a first-rate environment in which to study. The academic results of our students are excellent. The College educates for intellectual leadership, as do the most advanced enterprises in the world of work. The tutorial system (60-70 classes per week) is provided by Tutors, accountable to the Senior Tutor and Assistant Senior Tutor. There is also collaboration with The Women’s College and our other neighbours.

Rawson Cup

Games draw the College together. The Rawson Cup, founded 1906, is the premier award for intercollegiate men’s sport, with competitions in rowing, rugby, cricket, tennis, athletics, swimming, soccer and basketball, running through the year. Over the past fifteen years Paul’s has done best at rowing and tennis, and more recently basketball, but first or second place has happened lately in every sport.

Other sports

The College plays rugby against King’s College, University of Queensland (for the Callaway and Daubney Cup), and AFL against our neighbours at St Andrew’s. Individual students play in outside competitions. Touch football takes place each evening on the Oval, and croquet sometimes in the Quad.


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Drama and oration

The St Paul’s College Mummers (with actors also from The Women’s College) is the oldest drama club in the University. Paul’s also has a strong record in intercoll debating, while the Asimus Medal for Oratory is a top College award. The intercoll Palladian Cup draws such talents to the fore, and ongoing student effort makes them central to our own internal life.