Previous Vice-Wardens

The position of Vice-Warden was created under the legislation of 1854, where the appointment is stated to be in the gift of the Warden.  However, as with all senior positions, Wardens have made various arrangements to ensure that their choice is approved by Council.  The first Warden, the Reverend Henry Judge Hose, nominated his friend the Reverend Charles Campbell Kemp, of St Stephen’s, Camperdown, Vice-Warden in 1861, but the appointment was not endorsed by Council and never took effect.

Otherwise, the Vice-Wardens to 1905 were:

  • Revd William Henry Roberts, BA(Dubl), Vice-Warden 1866-c.1872
  • Laurence Stephenson, MA(Camb), Vice-Warden 1875-79
  • Revd Evelyn Gisborne Hodgson, MA(Oxf), Vice-Warden 1879-82 (and Fellow)
  • Arthur Bathurst Piddington, BA(Syd), b. 1862; at College 1880-83, BA 1883 [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Reverend Frederick Tracey, MA(Oxf); Vice-Warden 1885
  • Reverend Charles Cooper, MA LLB(Camb); Vice-Warden 1886
  • Thomas Kingsmill Abbott, BA(Syd) (afterwards MA, and Fellow); Vice-Warden 1888.
  • Alfred Millard, BA(Syd & Camb); Vice-Warden 1889
  • Revd Robert Woodthorpe, MA(Syd); Vice-Warden 1889
  • Revd Henry Plume, MA(Camb); Vice-Warden 1889 (later Fellow); founder of Barker College 1891 [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • John Beverley Peden, BA LLB(Syd), Vice-Warden 1892-99 (later Fellow) [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Revd Thomas Kingsmill Abbott, BA(Syd) (afterwards MA); Vice-Warden 1900-01 (and Fellow)
  • Frederick Perkins, MA(Syd); Vice-Warden 1902; ordained 1904. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Norman de Horne Rowland, BA(Syd); Vice-Warden 1903-05.


In 1905 the position of Sub-Warden was created, and from this point until 2016 Vice-Wardens were appointed only as substitute Wardens, either to take the Warden’s place in his absence (say, on leave abroad) or else to fill the gap between the resignation of one Warden and the appointment of the next, although several in that case were given the title of Warden pro tem.  See Acting and Temporary Wardens.