Former Wardens of St Paul’s College

There have been ten Wardens between the foundation of the College and the appointment of the current Head of College, Dr Donald Markwell.  They are as follows:

  • FIRST WARDEN: The Reverend Henry Judge Hose, MA(Cambridge), FRGS (1826- 83), Warden 1856-62.
  • SECOND WARDEN: The Reverend William Henry Savigny, MA(Oxford) (1825-89), Warden 1862-65.
  • THIRD WARDEN: The Reverend William Scott, MA(Cambridge) (1825-1917), Warden 1865-78; formerly NSW Government Astronomer.
  • FOURTH WARDEN: The Reverend Canon William Hey Sharp, MA(Oxford) (1845-1928), Warden 1878-1908.
  • FIFTH WARDEN: The Reverend Lewis Bostock Radford, MA, DD(Cambridge) (1869-1937), Warden 1909-15; afterwards Bishop of Goulburn.
  • SIXTH WARDEN: The Reverend Canon Arthur Henry Garnsey, MA(Sydney), ThSchol(ACT) (1872-1944), Warden 1916-44.
  • SEVENTH WARDEN: The Reverend Canon Felix Raymond Arnott, MA(Oxford), ThD(ACT) (1911-88), Warden 1946-63; afterwards Archbishop of Brisbane.
  • EIGHTH WARDEN: The Reverend Canon Alexander Peter Bruce Bennie, MA(Melbourne) (1915-2002), Warden 1963-85.
  • NINTH WARDEN: The Right Reverend Bishop Maxwell McNee Thomas, BD, MA(Sydney), ThD(GenTheolSem) (1926-2008), Warden 1985-94; formerly Bishop of Wangaratta.
  • TENTH WARDEN: The Reverend Canon Dr Ivan Head, BA(UWA), BD(MCD), PhD(Glasgow) (Warden 1995 – 2017) formerly Warden of Christ’s College, University of Tasmania.

The first seven are listed in the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

The founding legislation also provides for the appointment of a Vice-Warden, to be selected by the Warden and to act as both his assistant and his deputy.  There was an intermittent series of Vice-Wardens from 1861 until 1905, when it was decided that the Warden’s assistant would henceforth be called “Sub-Warden“, with no claim to act as his deputy.  There were three particularly significant Vice-Wardens:

  • The Reverend Evelyn Gisborne Hodgson, SCL MA (Oxford)(1846-95), Diocesan Inspector of Schools and Fellow of the College, Vice-Warden 1878-82 (in the picture above).  Hodgson was appointed Vice-Warden by the Reverend William Scott when he (Scott) was about to depart and he was Acting Warden for a month or more until the arrival of the Reverend William Hey Sharp.  Sharp continued him in office and he was elected to Council.  Hodgson was an up-to-date scholar and a brilliant teacher, much loved by the students and keen that St Paul’s should be a genuine university college on the English model.  For three years he and the Warden worked together to establish the reputation and authority of the College at a crucial moment in its history, as its numbers finally began to grow, with Hodgson inspiring and guiding student opinion.
  • John Beverley Peden, BA LLB (Sydney)(1871-1946), a student of the College, Vice-Warden 1892-99; afterwards knighted, Professor of Law and President of the Legislative Council.  Peden was the most successful of the pioneering generation of student politicians at Sydney University.  He was the first student to be elected President of the University of Sydney Union.  He was also in later life a distinguished constitutional lawyer.  As Vice-Warden he exercised a powerful leadership among the men and helped to establish student self-government within the College. He was afterwards a Fellow.  [See also Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • The Reverend Thomas Kingsmill Abbott, BA (Sydney), MA (Oxford) (1866-1912).  Abbott was a student in College 1885-87, and he was ordained deacon 1892 and priest 1893 by the Bishop of London, while working in London working-class parishes (St Giles’ and St Martin’s in the Fields).  He was then curate, first of St James’s King Street and then of St Jude’s Randwick.  He was elected a Fellow in 1896 and was Vice-Warden 1900-02, and Acting Warden while Hey Sharp was in England, in 1901.  From 1902 he was at first rector of Katoomba, then Archdeacon of Tamworth and finally Headmaster of The Armidale School.  As Fellow and Vice-Warden he led the move for the reform of Council, and for its better engagement with the student community.