Senior Common Room

Senior Common Room

All graduates coming into College are automatically members of the Senior Common Room.

Position or enrolment
Canon Dr Ivan Head BA(UWA) BD(MCD) PhD(Glasgow) Warden
Dr Maurice Evans BArch (Melb) BLaws (UTS) MPhil (Edin) SJD (Syd) Senior Tutor
Dr Mark Schembri, BSc(Vet) BVSc(Syd) MACVS  MPH (Harvard) Sub-Warden
Mr David Drury, BMus(Syd) Director of Music
Mr Matthew Ryan, BIS (UNE) Assistant Senior Tutor: MPhil
Mr Matthew Campbell, BA BSocSc(Ottawa) LLB(Syd) Assistant Sub-Warden
Mr Bradley McIntyre, BSc(Syd) Assistant to the Sub-Warden; MComm
Dr Vincent Braniff, MB BS(Adel) BA(Syd), RAAMC Hon Medical Officer; MA
Dr Jim Franklin, BSc(ANU) PhD(UTS) Research Fellow, UTS
Assoc.Professor Nicholas Eckstein, BA PhD(Monash) Cassamarca Associate Professor, Univ.
Mr James Bergfield, BSc(Syd) MD
Mr Ivan Chua, BCom(Melb) MIT
Mr Patrick Cook, BMedSc(Griffith) MD
Mr Sean CrowleyBMedSc(ANU), BSc(Syd) MD
Mr James Levy, BEc(Syd) MIS
Mr John McMahon, BPM(Syd) MM
Mr Nicholas Murphy, BMedSc(UNSW) MBBS
Mr Andrew Mutharajah, BMus BSc(ANU) MD
Mr Samuel Perotti, BMedSc(ANU) MD
Mr Matthew Stuckings, BA BSc(ANU) JD
Mr Cyril Tang, BSc(Syd) MD


The SCR dates from the time of Dr Felix Arnott, in the years after World War Two, and it is central to the internal fellowship and academic direction of the College. Members of the Senior Common Room, being all resident in College, are available to undergraduate students for tutorials and consultation. Whether or not they currently take classes all are active in mentoring and academic leadership.

Members of the Senior Common Room meet before Dinner in Hall and sit together at High Table. It also has its own dinners at the end of each semester, and at gatherings it shares with equivalent bodies in other colleges at Sydney University.



Honorary Members

Mr Geoff Lovell, BE(Syd), BA(Oxon), Vice-Warden
Mrs Caroline Christensen, Registrar
Ms Virginia Pursell, Mansfield Librarian
Mr Selwyn Owen, BE DipEd(Syd), Alumni Officer


Honours students and some other senior undergraduates, who are otherwise members of the Middle Common Room, are also invited by the Senior Tutor to take up honorary membership of the Senior Common Room, which entitles them to eat on High Table and take a full part in SCR meetings.

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