Explore St Paul’s College

What are we?

St Paul’s is at the geographical centre of Sydney University. It is a college for undergraduate men, and postgraduate women and men, with just under 200 students in the undergraduate community, who normally stay for three years, sometimes more. Next door to The Women’s College, Paul’s sometimes feels co-residential at the undergraduate level, but students make their own space. The grounds are large, the rooms are large. Officially Anglican, Paul’s has an expansive spirit.

The College is committed to offer all its students the best all-round educational experience that it can, in the great tradition of collegiate education. Our values include respect and dignity for all, including equality of respect for all regardless of gender, and diversity and inclusion. They also include emphasis on integrity, community, learning, faith, service, and responsibility.

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Who are we?

The Head of College and of the Pauline community is the Warden. Other resident staff include the Senior Tutor and Assistant Senior Tutor, who oversee academic progress, and the Dean of Undergraduates, who manages the details of student conduct. The Chaplain is available to all to discuss pastoral care matters. Office staff include the Business Manager, the Registrar, the Finance team and our Alumni team.

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Student leadership

A good university college is a school of leadership and at Paul’s the style of student responsibility is strong, congenial and constructive. An elected committee manages numerous activities through convenorships, a process of continuous experiment adaptable to the wider world.

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Vision 2056: Shape Tomorrow

The College must grow to take full advantage of its assets. It needs more and better undergraduate facilities and more academic expertise at a higher level. New buildings on its northern boundary make this possible. With a separate graduate community, male and female, Paul’s can become central to the research effort of one of the world’s leading universities.

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Events and conferences

Each week is packed with gatherings. Most are organised by the students, including some of the most splendid events in the University calendar. There are special dinners in Hall to mark sporting victories and academic success. Find out more.

The College is also available for conferences, especially during University vacations.

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The governing body, or Council, consists of the Warden and Fellows of the College. There are twelve elected Fellows, voters being those who have lived at Paul’s for three semesters and graduated from the University of Sydney.

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