The St Paul's College Foundation

A united community endeavour

The 2021 Annual Foundation Appeal message from the Foundation Chair. Please click: Foundation letter 2021

Please note the 2021 AGM of St Paul’s College Foundation will be held on Thursday 12 August via zoom. Please scroll down to find the meeting notice.

The College’s foundation was established in 1977 by Paulines Lloyd Waddy and Robert Albert. Garnering support from a wide circle of friends with connections to their old College they were able to grow a capital fund that totalled $78,584 by the time of the first AGM in December 1978. At that time there were approximately 1,000 living Paulines and over 300 had made a donation, including 22 who had already become Life Members.

Trust. The Foundation’s funds are held in trust for the future of the College. Under its Trust Deed the Trustees are the Warden and Fellows which ensures the Foundation funds are overseen by the College but management is vested in the Foundation Board of Directors. Their principle roles are to raise funds through appeals and to manage the fund so that every dollar given is added to the capital sum for growth.

The need. The Foundation supports an extensive scholarship program and in 2020 gave $725,000 to the College to fund places for those needing full-, half- and quarter-scholarships as well as bursaries. It also helps with the maintenance and conservation of the sandstone buildings and the other heritage works on a long-term basis as well as providing an annual maintenance budget that minimizes the impact these costs have on student fees.

When called for the Foundation also provides state-of-the-art student facilities and supports development initiatives such as the recently built Ivan Head and McMillan Buildings.

Your lasting help. All donations become part of an enduring legacy. Conducted twice-yearly the Foundation appeals to the wider Pauline community to give as appropriately as they can. Over the last four decades there have been some major donations and bequests but most donors give modestly each year and gradually build up a sum that entitles them to Life Membership.

Gratitude. The Foundation has been very grateful to significant donors some of whom have given over $100,000. The Foundation has also been the beneficiary of several bequests over the last 40 years.

Be one of those who will enable us to continue this work