Original Subscribers

Original Subscribers

T.S. Mort and his wife Theresa, Circa 1847

T.S. Mort and his wife Theresa,
Circa 1847

There were apparently 228 original subscribers to the fund establishing the College. Their names, as we have them now, come from a list dated October 1856. Several were women, including Mrs Mary Anne Burdekin, of Burdekin House, Macquarie Street, who gave £100, and Mrs Rosetta Terry and her daughter-in-law Eleanor, who each gave £50. A large number were clergymen, who were remarkably generous given their typically small means. Many donors had sons who were later to live in College, or else they had reason to foresee that nephews, grandsons and so on might want to do so in due course.

Most subscribers gave £50 or less. However, 40 gave £100, and eleven gave more than £100 (not counting the London-based Society for the Propagation of the Gospel, which contrinuted £250). The leading donor was Thomas Sutcliffe Mort, a man of varied talents and enthusiasms. In 1849 Mort had founded the Australian Mutual Provident Society together with several other men who were also to follow his lead in giving generously to the new College. The AMP and Paul’s were based on overlapping ideals, best summed up as participatory welfare or (in England) Christian Socialism. Mort’s friend and mentor, the Reverend W.H. Walsh of Christ Church St Laurence, was a leading light in both enterprises.

Most subscribers belonged to the Church of England, but a few (pre-eminently Thomas Holt) belonged to other denominations. Some, such as Edward Flood and George Robert Nichols (“Radical Bob”), had a distinctly ambiguous attitude to religion and ecclesiastical authority.

The eleven were:


  • THOMAS SUTCLIFFE MORT (1816-78) (500 guineas, or £525), of Greenoaks, Darling Point, entrepreneur, churchman (at St Mark’s, Darling Point, and Christ Church St Laurence) and philanthropist; a Fellow of the College 1862-66. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • THE HON. THOMAS WARE SMART (1810-81) (£500), of Mona, Darling Point, entrepreneur, churchman (at St Mark’s, Darling Point) and art collector; associated with Mort in the founding of the AMP; a Fellow of the College 1860-81. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • The Hon. Sir Daniel Cooper (1821-1902) (£500), of Woollahra House, merchant and philanthropist; a Fellow of the College 1855-62. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Charles Kemp (1813-64) (£300), former joint-owner of the Sydney Morning Herald, businessman and churchman (at St James’s, King Street); a Fellow of the College 1855-64. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Joshua Frey Josephson (1815-92) (£250), of Enmore House, barrister, collector of paintings and sculpture. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Thomas Holt (1811-88) (200 guineas, or £210), a Congregationalist, of The Warren, Marrickville, and Camden Villa, financier, politician and close associate of Mort in the founding of the AMP. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • The Hon. George Robert Nichols (1809-57) (£200), lawyer and politician, one of the most active legislators and social reformers of his day. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Robert Ebenezer Johnson (1812-86)(£200), solicitor and politician; Fellow of the College 1855-66. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • The Hon. Edward Flood (1805-88) (£200), pastoralist and politician (radical in some respects, conservative in others). [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • Michael Metcalfe (1813-90) (£150), businessman and churchman (at Christ Church St Laurence); a Fellow of the College 1859-88, and Bursar. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]
  • The Hon. Sir Edward Knox (1819-1901) (100 guineas, or £105), sugar-refiner and banker, founder of CSR, and churchman (at All Saints’ Woollahra), a friend of the Stephen family. [Australian Dictionary of Biography]

Full list of Donors

From The Origins and Foundation of St Paul’s College Established Within the University of Sydney and Incorporated by Act of the Legislature 1855 (Sydney 1856)

Central Sydney

Allwood, Revd Robert, St James £50 (afterwards Fellow)
Amicus (H.C.) £20
Aspinall, Mrs Edward, Hyde Park £25
Browne, Stephen C, Richmond Tce, Domain £12 12s
Burdekin, Mrs Mary Anne, Macquarie St, £100
Burnell, Henry Clay, Macquarie St £10
C.A.S. 10s
Cleeve, J.Kingdon, Charlotte Pl £10 10s
Cowper, Venble William, Bent St £100 (afterwards Acting Warden; son came to College)
Croft, Thomas, King Street £10 10s
Darvall, John Bayly, Hyde Park £50
Denison, Alfred, Government House £50
Denison, Sir William, Government House £50 (annual)
Druitt, Revd Thomas, Hyde Park £50
Elyard, Samuel £5 5s
Fawcett, Richard, George St £100
Foster, J. £10
Grylls, Revd J.C., Fort St £20
Hodgson, Arthur £50
Irving, Clark, Macquarie St £100
Johnson, H. William, Sussex St £50
Johnson, W J, Macquarie St £50
Jones, J.W., Jamison St £20
Kemp, Charles, Macquarie St £300 (afterwards Fellow)
King, Revd George, St Andrew’s £10 (afterwards Fellow)
Lavers, Josiah Vincent, Richmond Tce, Domain £50
Lester, C[lements] £10
Lethbridge, Capt Robert, Cumberland Pl £20
Little, Archibald £50
Matthews, William £5 5s
McLerie, John, Pitt St £50 (son came to College)
McNab, Frank £25
Mitchell, James, Cumberland Pl £100 (afterwards Fellow)
Murray, C[harles] K[night], William St £5 5s
Nathan, Charles, Macquarie St £100 (afterwards Fellow)
Nichols, G[eorge R[obert], Marshfield (York St?) £200
O’Brien, Bartholomew, Castlereagh St £50
Parrott, Augustus, Hunter Street £3 3s
Pitt, George Matcham £10
Randle, William £60
Rogers, George John £100
Roxburgh, John Pirie £10 10s
Stephen, Montagu Consett, Liverpool St £10
Stephen, Matthew Henry, William St £10
Stephen, Sir Alfred, Hyde Park £50 (afterwards Fellow; son came to College)
Terry, Mrs Rosetta, Pitt St £50
Tooth, Edwin, Upper William St £100
Walker, William £10
Weedon, Thomas Elijah £10
Willis, Joseph Scaife, Macquarie St £50
Wilshire, James Robert £50 (son came to College)
Wright, James, Liverpool St £50

Eastern suburbs

Barker, Thomas, Darlinghurst £100
Billyard, William Whaley, Darlinghurst £50
Broadhurst, Edward, Darlinghurst £20
Buchanan, Benjamin, Darlinghurst £50
Cape, William Timothy [Paddington] £100 (afterwards Fellow)
Cooper, Daniel, Rose Bay £500 (afterwards Fellow)
Croft, John, Darling Point £100
Dangar, Henry, Grantham £50
Daniell, Arthur Cecil, Darling Point £25
Dickson, David, Roslyn Hall £100
Donaldson, James, Darlinghurst £50
Donaldson, Stuart Alexander, Darlinghurst £20
Dumaresq, William, Watson’s Bay £10 (afterwards Fellow)
Ebsworth, Frederick, Forbes St £10 10s
Favenc, Peter, Darlinghurst £25
Hosking, John, Vaucluse £25
Johnson, Richard, Darlinghurst £50 (afterwards Fellow)
Johnson, Robert, Double Bay £200 (afterwards Fellow; son came to College)
King, George, Craigend (Darlinghurst) £10 10s
Knox, Edward, Darlinghurst £105
Little, Archibald [Rosebank,Wool’oo] £50
Long, William, Darlinghurst £50
Mackenzie, John Piper, Palmer St £10
Manning, Edye, Potts Point £50
Manning, William Montagu, Darlinghurst £50
Metcalfe, Michael, Darlinghurst £150 (afterwards Fellow)
Milford, Mr Justice S.F., Darlinghurst £20
Morris, Augustus, Vaucluse Bay £100
Mort, Thomas Sutcliffe, Darling Point £525 (afterwards Fellow)
Newton, Thomas, Darlinghurst £50
Nicholson, Sir Charles, Darlinghurst £100
Phenna, Robert ,Campbell Street £1 1s
Piddington, W.R., Darlinghurst £10 10s
Salting, Severin Kanut, McLeay St £100
Smart, Thomas Ware, Darling Point £500 (afterwards Fellow)
Smith, Thomas Whistler, Darling Point £50 (afterwards Fellow)
Terry, Mrs Eleanor, Potts Point £50 (son came to College)
Thomson, E. Deas, Barham £50 (son came to College)
Thorne, George, Rose Bay £100 (?son came to College)
Tooth, Robert, Double Bay £100
Want, Randolph John, Point Piper £50 (son came to College)

Annandale & Balmain

Barker, James, Annandale £100
Johnstone, Robert, Annandale £100
Mitchell, James S., Balmain £10
Norton, James, Elswick [Parramatta Rd] £50
Stack, Revd William, Balmain £10 (afterwards Fellow)

Glebe, Chippendale, Redfern & Surry Hills

Blacket, E.T., Glebe £50 (College Architect)
Cobham, Richard, Cleveland St £50
Ebsworth, J.E., Surry Hills £25
Ebsworth. O.B, Glebe £50
Evans, George, Surrey Hills £10 10s
Milner, Revd John £50
Flood, Edward, Surry Hills £200
Hill, George, Surry Hills £50
Hirst, G.R.. Redfern £10
Murnin, Michael E. £50
Newton, Charles, Redfern £50
Stephen, Revd Alfred Hewlett, Chippendale £25 (afterwards Fellow)
Tooth, Frederick, Parramatta Rd £50
Walsh, Revd W.H., Christ Church £25 (afterwards Fellow)
Wilshire, Austin Forest, Redfern £50
Woolley, Revd Prof John, University £50
Woolley, Thomas, Glebe £50


Priddle, Revd C.F.D. £25 (afterwards Fellow)
Vidal, Revd George, Denham Court £3 3s (afterwards Fellow)

Newtown & Cook’s River

Breillat, Thomas Chaplin [Thurnby, Enmore] £100
Fanning, William [Holwood House, Cooks R Rd] £75
Garsed, Mrs, Willow Lodge [Wilson St] £5
Holroyd, Arthur Tod [Erskineville] £50 (afterwards Fellow)
Holt, Thomas [Camden Villa] £210
James, Henry Kerrison £10
Josephson, J.F., barrister [Enmore House] £250
Robey, Ralph Mayer (Robey St off Wilson St] £100
Savigny, Revd W.H. [Cooks River Rd] £25 (afterwards Warden)
Steele, Revd Thos [Cooks River] £10
Wilson, Felix [Pine Villa, Wilson St] £100

North Shore

Barker, Rt Revd Frederick, Millers Point £100
Barney, Col. George £40
Berry, Alexander £100
Browne, Hutchinson Hothersall £50
Clarke, Revd W.B. £25 (afterwards Fellow)
King, Rear Adm P.P., St Leonards £20 (afterwards Fellow)
Mann, Gother Ker £10
Merewether, Edward C. £25 (afterwards Fellow)
Stirling, John, St Leonards £100
Stuart, Alexander, Millers Point £20 (afterwards Fellow)
Towns, Robert, Miller’s Point £100

Parramatta & Toongabbie

Armitage, Revd Frederick £10
Bettington, J.B. £50
King, Revd Robert £5 5s (afterwards Fellow)
Macarthur, Major-Gen. Edward £100
Parker, Henry Watson £50
Wentworth, Major D’Arcy, Toongabbie £40


Bowman, William, Richmond £100
Cox, Alfred, Glenmore £50
Cox, Edward, Fernhill £50
Cox, George, Winbourn £100
Fitzgerald, Robert, Windsor £100
Lawson, William, Prospect £50
Stiles, Revd H.T., Windsor £10
Troughton, Revd John, Mulgoa £50
Watson, Revd B.L., Penrith £20

Camden etc

Cowper, Charles, Wivenhoe £100 (afterwards Fellow)
Hassall, Revd Thomas, Cobbitty £25
Macarthur, James, Camden £52 10s (afterwards Fellow)
Macarthur, Sir William, Camden £52 10s
Macleay, George, Brownlow Hill £50
Oxley, J.N., Kirkham £5
Rogers, Revd Edward, Camden £5

Southern Districts

Antill, J. Macquarie, Jarvisfield [Picton] £10
Bradley, William, Lansdowne [Goulburn] £100
Brougham, Patrick, Edward River [Deniliquin] £5
Chatfield, William, Goulburn £15
Chisholm, James, Kippilaw [Goulburn] £100
Chisholm, J.W., Wollogorang [Goulburn] £60 (sons came to College)
Connolly, William, Argyle Lodge [Goulburn] £3
Desailley, George P., Deniliquin £5
Faithfull, William Pitt, Springfield [Goulburn] £100 (sons came to College)
Futter, J.S., Lumley [Bungonia] £10 (sons came to College)
Jamieson, William, Long Reach [?] £15
Jamieson, Philip, Greenwich Park {Bungonia] £21
Jenkins, Robert Pitt, Bombala £25
Kennedy, James, Edward River [Deniliquin] £25
Maitland, Edward, Goulburn £10
Oakes, Francis, Goulburn £5
Osborne, Henry, Wollongong £100
Powell, Nathaniel S., Turalla [Bungendore] £10
Reid, David, Ottiwell [Goulburn] £15
Sowerby, Revd William, Goulburn £10
Stone, Revd W., Berrima £3

Western Districts

A Friend, Bathurst £20
Clements, John Findlater, Littlebourne £25
Dargin, John, Bathiurst £10
Ford, John, Kelso [Bathurst] £20
Gunther, Revd James , Mudgee £10 10s
Home, J. Stirling, Bathurst £25
Icely, Thomas, Carcoar £50
Jones, Thomas, Bathurst £10
Kennedy, David, Bathurst £50
Lane, John T., Orange £10
Lee, William, Claremont [Molong] £100
Lowe, Robert, Wilbertree {Mudgee] £20
Machattie, Richard, Bathurst £20
McGuigan, J.B., Bathurst £25
McIntosh, J. Nepean, Bathurst £50
McPhillamy, Robert, Gorman’s Hill [Bathurst] £30
McPhillamy, John, Mt Tamar [Bathurst] £10 (son came to College)
McPhillamy, Charles, Charlton [Bathurst] £10
Oakes, Rowland Hassall, Bathurst £20
Palmer, W. Hall, Bathurst £20
Pinnock, George, Bathurst £10
Price, Kennet, Bathurst £20
Richards, James Byrn, Carwinyan [Bathurst] £10
Rotton, Henry, Blackdown {Bathurst] £20
Serjeant, Samuel Benny, Bathurst £100
Shadforth, Alfred George, Bathurst £10
Sloman, Thomas Martin, Bathurst £25
Suttor, John Bligh, Wyagdon [Bathurst] £25
Suttor, Thomas Charles, Beverly Park [Bathurst] £20
Tingcombe, Revd Henry, Littlebourne [Bathurst] £10
West, Joseph jr, Macquarie Plains [Bathurst] £20
West, Joseph tertius, Gorman’s Hill [Bathurst] £25

Hunter Valley, North Coast etc

Cowper, Revd W. Macquarie, Stroud £10
Glennie, Revd Alfred, Brisbane Water £20
Innes, Major A.C., Newcastle £20 (son came to College)
Tyrrell, Rt Revd William, Morpeth £20

Far North (later Queensland)

Ferriter, J.S., Brisbane £5
Glennie, Revd Benjamin, Darling Downs £25
Hood, T. Hood, Darling Downs £25
O’Connell, Maurice Charles, Port Curtis £100
Russell, Henry Stuart, Kangaroo Point [Brisbane] £100
Wickham, Capt J.C., Brisbane £5


Flower, P.W. £100
Society for the Propagation of the Gospel £250
Watson, Miss £5

No address

Frankland, George F. $1.1s

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