College 1870sThe College in 1870 – a photograph (detail) taken from the north, near Parramatta Rd, across the space now occupied by University No. 1 Oval.  On the left is the Library, then used as the Chapel and since taken down, and in the centre is the bay window of the Steward’s quarters, removed to make way for the Garnsey Wing.  Original in the Mitchell Library by an unknown photographer.  

Since the first subscriptions for the building of the College, in 1853, St Paul’s College has been the beneficiary of innumerable acts of generosity, large and small.

Original Subscribers

There were apparently 228 original subscribers to the fund establishing the College.  Their names, as we have them now, come from a list dated October 1856.  Several were women, including Mrs Mary Anne Burdekin, of Burdekin House . . . Read More >

Founders of Scholarships and Prizes

Apart from buildings, scholarships and bursaries have been the main reason why men and women have given money to St Paul’s College.  The first donations of this kind were in the form of prizes rather than scholarships, and were not  . . .  Read More >

Fund Raising from the 1850s to the 1960s

St Paul’s College was founded in the 1850s. From the beginning its role and position were ambiguous. It was to be a college within the new University of Sydney but also to exist “in connexion with” the Anglican Church. It was established with funds contributed partly by the colonial government and partly by . . . Read More >

The St Pauls College Foundation

The St Paul’s College Foundation (with the College corporate body as Trustee) was established as a capital fund in 1977 and since then has made available over $15 million to the College. It builds on the work of several generations of . . . Read More >

Major Donors to the College Library

Key to academic life at St Paul’s is the college library which was established and has been subsequently maintained through the generosity of our many benefactors . . .  Read More >

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