Community & Pauline

Community & Pauline

The Pauline 1980

Pauline news

News is always welcome about Paulines past and present. We publish stories about your recent acheivements, news articles, new publications and major life events in 2020. Click here.

There is a new section growing rapidly: Paulines in the news. Notifications of the deaths of Paulines are also included and updated when information is at hand.

The Director of Community Development is your point of contact for submissions about yourself and others.

Our Union

St Paul’s College Union includes all past and present resident students who choose to join. The Union is responsible for the publication of The Pauline and the newsletter Boomalakka, and makes small travel grants to students for approved purposes. There is an annual reunion dinner, and frequent year-group reunions and other activities usually in support of our sports teams. The Secretary of the Union and the Director of Community Development are the two main points of contact.

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Digital Boomalakka cover

Boomalakka and The Pauline

Boomalakka is the newsletter of the St Paul’s College Union.

Boomalakka No. 52

The Pauline for 2014/15 and 2016  are in production and will be printed soon for distribution.

If you would like to be posted a copy please contact the Director of Community Development. E-versions are not available.

Women’s Organisation

The St Paul’s College Women’s Organisation was founded in 1927 for women with family connections to past and present Paul’s students. It is a vital part of the College family. Every year it funds some small but significant improvement to the daily life of the students, the cumulative effect of which has been enormous.

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Point of contact

Richard Morgan (at College 1978-82), Director of Community Development

Tel. 02 9550 7472 | Email.