Life in the College

Life in the College

With so many members of the St Paul’s community, there can be no single College routine or lifestyle.  But the physical layout of the buildings, and the rooms provided, give a common pattern to daily life.

The Hall

  • The College Hall, one of the finest nineteenth-century rooms in Australia, seats 200 people.
  • Breakfast, lunch and weekend dinners are informal, self-service meals.
  • Dress for Dinner in Hall from Monday to Friday is jacket, tie and academic gown. Dinner in Hall is the high-point of the College day, and is an occasion with a high standard of ‘formal-informality’.  It includes distinctive College ceremonies and the most important community announcements.
  • Occasionally students have commitments which make it necessary to miss Formal Dinner (such as late lectures or sport). In that case late dinners are available on application.

Student bedrooms

  • At the end of each year a room draw is held. Present students bid for available rooms for the following year, on the basis of their room points, which are accumulated on the basis of seniority and participation in College activities.
  • A small number of rooms have en suite bathrooms and are generally occupied by senior students doing graduate or post-graduate degrees.
  • Small bar fridges (maximum height 1m) can be brought into College, except where these are provided in student rooms in the Ivan Head Building.
  • Bar radiators of any description are not permitted.
  • All rooms contain a LAN port and wifi connectivity, enabling connection to the College network, College printers and the internet.
  • Smoking is not permitted in any College building.

Common rooms

  • The Junior Common Room is a sitting room for undergraduates, and is also used for debates and other gatherings.
  • The Rogers Room is a performance and lecture space holding up to 100.
  • The Salisbury Bar is another place where students can gather in their own time.
  • Students in the Ivan Head Building are able to use small common rooms at the end of each floor.
  • The College Gym is available under the Ivan Head Building.

The Chapel

  • The Chapel is a particularly beautiful part of the fabric of the College.
  • Weekly chapel belongs to our on-going routine, and is open to all. Currently, services are held at 8am on Monday mornings, and at 7.30pm on Tuesdays during semester.
  • The Chapel choir, drawn from St Paul’s and The Women’s College, shows local talent at its best.

The Library

  • The Mansfield Library, accessible at any time with room keys, is both a book collection and a study space, with wifi.
  • A librarian attends one day a week.
  • The Library includes specialist texts for study, and fiction and general interest books.
  • Anyone in College can ask that particular books be bought for the Library.
  • Printing is available in the library for a modest fee.

Tutorial rooms

  • There are four rooms set aside for tutorials, all of which are in continuous use during most week-day evenings.
  • Tutorials are central to College routine.
  • The tutorial programme is available here and is updated periodically.

The Oval

  • The College is particularly lucky to have its own Oval.
  • The Oval is used by a variety of outside groups, but the College generally has first call.
  • Touch football is played each day before Dinner on the Oval, and all in College are welcome to participate.