Academic work

Academic Work

The University of Sydney is one of the world’s leading universities, and the College makes the most of that fact. Paul’s students typically secure University results to match their high achievements in sport and other areas.

There is a strong focus on the all-rounder, and on achievement across various areas all at once (mainly a matter of good time-management). This has borne fruit, most conspicuously, in the number of students at Paul’s who win international scholarships and internships. Half of Sydney University’s male Rhodes Scholars since 2001 have been Paulines.

One distinctive aspect of College life is the keen mutual support within age groups and across age groups, in University work as in other things. The College has a good proportion of senior students and an active Senior Common Room, including several career and research scholars. Students are encouraged to make use of these mentors as much as they can.

Consistent with fundamental principles of student leadership at Paul’s, students play a central role in the coordination of academic and intellectual affairs. There is a student-driven program of Positive Education and there is a very full program of College tutorials, especially for first-year students, managed by Area Tutors with oversight by the Senior Tutor. These provide the core structure of the College’s academic life.

There are numerous seminars, forums and symposia in College, which promote intellectual debate and help to give a broad, liberal dimension to University studies.

The College encourages success with an abundance of scholarships. Successful academic performance is also a necessary prerequisite to continuing residence in College. The by-laws state that the Warden “may, at his discretion and after due enquiry, advise a student that his University results in any semester or annual examinations are inadequate to maintain his right of residency in College”.

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