Careers at St Paul’s

Vacancies for positions on staff at St Paul’s College, as they arise, will be posted here.

Associate Dean of Graduate House – Click here for the Associate Dean of Graduate House advertisement and position description. Applications open until midnight 20 January 2019. Applications should include a cover letter and CV and be directed to the Dean of Graduate House, Dr Antone Martinho-Truswell at

Current vacancies

Previous vacancies

College Bar Manager – Click here for the College Bar Manager advertisement and position description. Applications open until 2 December 2018.

Business Manager – Click here for the Business Manager advertisementcandidate brochure and position description. Applications open until 13 November.

Hospitality Manager – Click here for the Hospitality Manager position. Applications open until 26 October.

Front of House Manager – Click here for the Front of House Manager position. Applications open until 26 October.

Event Coordinator – Click here for the Event Coordinator position. Applications open until 26 October.

Assistant Accountant – Click here for the Assistant Accountant position. Applications open until 19 October.

Registrar – Click here for the Registrar Position advertisement and the position description. Applications closed.

Accountant  – Click here for the Accountant position. Applications closed.

Dean of Graduate House 
 Click here for the advertisement, position description and candidate statement. Applications closed.