Events and conferences

Life in College has its own rhythm, very different from life at school.

The main drum-beat is imposed by the University, in its weekly pattern of classes, overlaid with assignments and exams.  Within College we make another, complementary music.  The general pattern of events stays the same from year to year, but there is always room for ad-libbing, experiment and innovation, and always the chance to do better than the year before.  Student convenors are appointed for most events, and the mix of student and staff responsibility varies from one type of event to another.  Some are wholly student managed, and nearly all are to some extent an education in protocol and logistics, book-keeping and crowd management, not to mention wit and ingenuity.

The two main intercoll competitions in which we are involved, the Rawson Cup and the Palladian Cup, impose their own pattern.  Beyond that events with are designed mainly for fun, though sometimes of a grand scale, and there are more distinctly academic occasions.  Follow the links.


Hosting your own event or conference?

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“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is enlightenment” lao tzu