World-class awards for St Paul’s College recent graduates

World-class awards for St Paul’s College recent graduates

2 years ago

With only 200 students, St Paul’s College at Sydney University has pulled off a significant hat-trick.  Three of them have won major world-class awards within as many months.

Martin is a junior doctor with a background in software development who has founded a number of startup ventures in digital health. Now he is about to go to Stanford University as a John Monash Scholar to do a master’s. This involves using information technology to improve health care and its delivery at all levels.  Martin sits on the national board of the Health Informatics Society, he advises the Australian Digital Health Agency and is currently CTO of CancerAid – an app to assist patients going through oncology care. The John Monash Scholarships are among the most important postgraduate scholarships currently available in Australia.


Dr Martin Seneviratne

Alistair Kitchen is finishing his MA. While he was at St Paul’s he was the Social Inclusion Officer at the College, using a grant from the University in an effort to make all the residential colleges more accessible to students from underrepresented backgrounds. He was a winner of the 2014 Bingham Cup with the gay rugby team, the Sydney Convicts and he took the lead in writing Out On the Fields, a ground-breaking report on homophobia in sport.  More recently Alistair has been responsible for the Australian launch of the Good Lad Initiative, a program that delivers workshops on masculinity and consent. He is particularly interested in building organizations which can entrench equity, compassion and social justice. He has now won the Schwarzman Scholarship to Tsinghua University in Beijing, a new award designed to involve young men and women from other countries in China’s efforts to address the most pressing challenges of the 21st century. Of receiving the Scholarship, Alistair said, “I’m excited for the chance to learn some Mandarin. But mostly I hope to meet interesting, engaged young people who want to tackle international problems in collaborative ways. The program attracts a diverse, international selection of applicants, so I’m excited to live in Beijing with students from all over the world”.


Mr Alistair Kitchen

The third scholarship-winner from St Paul’s is John Walker, one of the first beneficiaries of the Federal government’s New Colombo Plan scholarship scheme.  He will study at the Seoul National University in Korea.  At Sydney University, John has been a leading advocate for gender diversity and associated rights.  More broadly, through University debating, theatre and political action he has explored ways in which social policy can take better account of human difference.  International connections are part of the mix, and John is looking forward to a career developing these skills and insights, so as to enrich Australia’s place in the world.


In academic work and social justice issues, St Paul’s is one of the most ambitious university colleges in Australia.  This year the College has achieved peak academic results, with roughly half of its students ranked in the two top echelons used at Sydney University, Distinction and High Distinction.  For many years St Paul’s produced half of the male Rhodes Scholars who went each year from Sydney University to Oxford.  Typically their aspirations were like those of Seneviratne, Kitchen and Walker.


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