Senior Members

St Paul’s College, of which Graduate House is a part, is led by the Warden, Dr Don Markwell.

The Graduate House community is led by the Dean, who is responsible for building and fostering a happy and inclusive collegiate community in the House. The Dean is delighted to meet and chat with anyone interested in Graduate House.

A fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford, Dr Antone Martinho-Truswell, has been appointed the inaugural Dean of Graduate House. He and Mrs Emma Martinho-Truswell, who will serve as a mentor to students, will come into College later in 2018.

The Assistant Dean will also live on site, and the appointment process for this role is currently underway.

In addition to the leadership team, a number of Senior Members will be resident in Graduate House. These will include a number of University of Sydney academics and visiting scholars. Senior Members are a wonderful resource to all the students of the College, providing academic guidance, mentorship, and leadership in the college community.

Senior Members will live in the academic wing of Graduate House. For further details, or if interested in applying for Senior Membership, please contact the Dean care of