Partnered accommodation in Graduate House

Graduate House at St Paul’s College seeks to be a welcoming environment to all graduate students and academics – including those with partners and children.

Graduate House fees entitle the member to single residency, 12 meals per week during University semester periods, cleaning, utilities, access to College facilities and activities. [some events may be subject to separate charges]

Those members wishing to live in with a bona fide partner may do so, subject to a supplementary charge to cover the costs of additional utilities and meals for the partner. This charge for 2019 is $200 per week. This arrangement may be applied to any of the Graduate House room types, except for attic studios (which are single occupancy only), and two-bedroom apartments (which are charged per occupant).

If the partner of a member is neither a member of Graduate House nor a postgraduate student or academic staff member of the University of Sydney, they shall become a Guest of Graduate House, entitling them to residency with the member partner in Graduate House, use of college utilities, internet connexion, and the 12 meals per week plan. As a Guest of Graduate House, the partner is entitled to attend college events with the member partner and use college facilities. However, a Guest of Graduate House cannot invite guests in their own right – they must be hosted by the member, and subject to any limitations thereupon. (For example, only the member partner may bring guests to formal dinner, and the limits to numbers of guests for a single member will apply to the couple as a whole.) They may also be subject to additional charges for certain college events, and to some other limits which do not apply to members of Graduate House.

If both partners are admitted members of Graduate House, they may apply for joint occupancy, with the charge (covering both individuals) of a single occupancy rate plus $200 per week in 2019. Both retain full rights as members of Graduate House.

Partners who are postgraduate students or academic staff members of the University of Sydney are strongly encouraged to apply for membership of Graduate House. Those who are members of another college wishing to become resident in Graduate House as a partner must apply for membership. Other University of Sydney students or academics wishing to live in as a Guest of Graduate House (rather than a member) should contact to discuss their circumstances.

Graduate House has a small number of apartments which may be suitable for families. Those interested in these should contact for further details.

The College reserves the right to alter fees, conditions, and charges at any time.