Graduate House coming alive

Graduate House coming alive

1 year ago

Graduate House is coming alive, with the arrival of the inaugural Dean, construction of the Graduate House building having been completed, artworks being installed, and work underway on recruiting graduate students and resident academics to create a world-class graduate community for women and men from the start of 2019.

The inaugural Dean of Graduate House, Dr Antone Martinho-Truswell, and Mrs Emma Martinho-Truswell have arrived from Oxford, where Dr Martinho-Truswell is a Fellow of Magdalen College and teaches in the Department of Zoology, and have taken up residence in the Dean’s apartment in Graduate House. They are pictured above on the rooftop terrace at Graduate House.

We are delighted to welcome Antone and Emma to St Paul’s College!

The Dean is busy meeting with prospective students and resident academics at Graduate House, and Emma Martinho-Truswell is undertaking part-time pro bono work for the College through project managing the College’s implementation of its Action Plan for Cultural Renewal.

The culmination of eight years’ planning and hard work, the new Graduate House building is a superb example of the very best in collegiate architecture and facilities. The College was delighted to accept the handover of it from the builders (Buildcorp) at the end of October.

Final interior fit-out and furniture installation is ongoing in some areas. Meanwhile the College has welcomed our first short stay guests to Graduate House’s first floor. Even with the bustle of the work still underway, they seem to be enjoying their stay in what will be the best student accommodation in Sydney – and a superb venue for events and stays.

The Graduate House refectory played host on 2 November to the “launch” of the College’s marvellous new sculpture, “Heaven’s Door” by Ayako Saito, now sitting proudly in the new Third Quadrangle. The striking sculpture was commissioned and gifted to the College by Dr Andrew Bell SC, who was a resident student at St Paul’s from 1985 to 1989, and served for many years on the College Council. The sculpture was “launched” by State Librarian, Dr John Vallance. For the Head of College’s welcome at the launch event, click here.

The refectory has also hosted a project completion celebration for Citta Property Group and Buildcorp, at which the Head of College, Dr Markwell, thanked everyone who contributed to the development of these world-class facilities. Dr Markwell especially thanked Mr Stephen McMillan (Senior Student, 1977, and former Council member) for his “vision,  generosity and drive, without which this historic project would never have been possible”.

The distinguished Australian artist Garry Shead – a winner of both the Archibald and Dobell prizes – is plastering and painting a fresco on the northern wall of the Graduate House refectory. Garry has begun work on the fresco, and is pictured here with his colleague Mark Stanford and a cartoon of the fresco. You can follow daily progress in work on the fresco over the next week through Graduate House’s social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Garry Shead Graduate House

Like the undergraduate rooms in the new Ivan Head Building, the student rooms in Graduate House have proven a big hit with prospective students, boasting spacious and bright living space so close to the centre of the University campus.

Students with partners and small families as well as single students have been encouraged to apply for Graduate House, taking advantage of the great variety of room arrangements the new building offers, and adding a new dimension of diversity to the College community.

Final decoration and furnishing of the rooftop terrace and adjacent common room is still underway, but these brilliant spaces have already hosted the undergraduates’ STUVAC study break last Wednesday night, a feature which will continue through to the end of exams.

Tours through the building continue to be met with great acclaim. We have extended an invitation to postgraduates and academics entering Graduate House in 2019 to take 6 weeks’ early residency without charge over the summer (details here).

We are very excited to welcome the first member of Graduate House to come into residence, Ms Tiffany Kwong, a Juris Doctor student at the University of Sydney, who is a graduate of Sheffield University and whose home is in Hong Kong. Tiffany is taking advantage of our promotional free accommodation over the summer, having moved in today. We are delighted to welcome her to Graduate House, where she will soon be joined by other students.

The completion of the building represents an exciting landmark in the history of the College. With some of the best graduate collegiate facilities in the world now nearing readiness, we are set to build the premier community of graduate excellence at the University of Sydney and in Australia.

For more information about Graduate House, and to apply for a place as a postgraduate student or resident academic, click here.

13 November 2018

–  Dr Antone Martinho-Truswell and Mrs Emma Martinho-Truswell, on the rooftop terrace of Graduate House
– Sculptor Ayako Saito with Dr Andrew Bell SC, Geoff Lovell, and Stephen McMillan and the sculpture “Heaven’s Door”, with Graduate House behind
– Garry Shead and Mark Stanford, holding a cartoon of what will become the fresco in Graduate House
– The Head of College and Dean of Graduate House welcome the first student to come into residence at Graduate House, Ms Tiffany Kwong.