Graduate House Tutorials and Academic Support

Graduate House’s tutorial and academic support programmes are there to help you do your very best, excel in your studies, and enjoy graduate life.

Tutorial Programmes

Juris Doctor Tutorials

Graduate House is home to a vibrant and diverse community of law students, from 1st years to 3rd years. Our law tutorial programme is designed to help law students hit the ground running in their law degree – develop solid legal skills, deepen their understanding of subjects, and practice exam and assignment techniques. Our law programme includes:

  • an ‘Introduction to Law’ workshop in Welcome Week;
  • weekly tutorials in 1st year subjects; 
  • seminars on note-taking, study techniques, and legal research. We will also hold a number of mooting seminars and practice sessions throughout the year.

MD Tutorials

Graduate House is also home to a wonderful community of MD students. Like our JD community, our MD students are at all stages of their medical degree – 1st years to 4th years. Our MD tutorial programme is particularly aimed at 1st and 2nd year students and is built around the various ‘blocks’ completed in the early years of the MD programme. The tutorials are given by later-year students and can include:

  • an ‘Introduction to Medicine’ day around Welcome Week; 
  • an introductory seminar at the beginning of each block; 
  • weekly tutorials for each block (eg. Respiratory System, Cardiovascular Science, Endocrinology and Sexual Health etc);
  • revisions seminars before exams; and
  • Mock OSCE (MOSCE) sessions. 

All incoming MD students will also be offered a mentor – a later year student who can help you navigate med school life.

Honours & Research Programme

Graduate House also has specific sessions for Honours and first-year research students. Transitioning from taught classes to research is an exciting step in your academic career and we hope Graduate House can help you make this transition as smooth and enjoyable as possible. The Programme includes:

  • ‘What I wish I knew!’ panel seminars with former Honours and research students; 
  • Writing and research technique workshops – previous workshops have included “Writing Science for Humans: Explaining the details with beauty and clarity”, “No Boring Bits! Why descriptive writing need not be boring”, and workshops on literature review technique, the revision process, procrastination (or not!) for research students, and many more.
  • A writing support group that organises writing-together sessions as well as discussions about writing and working challenges.

From one of our graduated Honours students

Living at Graduate House while writing my honours thesis was an incredible experience. I achieved my best academic results while living here, surrounded by a community of wonderful people who supported me through the course of my thesis. Graduate House is home to a diverse mix of honours students, masters students, Phd students and academics, all from different fields of study, but united by a shared love of learning and involvement in the college community. This is a place where the discussion of ideas and research flourishes, encouraged by a regular dinner seminar program which welcomes a great number of distinguished academics to present each week. Being a member of this community, where I had regular discussion with others about many thesis, helped me to be more engaged in my own research. Working on a thesis could have been a lonely task, but the community at Graduate House ensured that I never did feel lonely. I highly recommend Graduate House to anyone who is planning on embarking on a honours year, or a research degree. It’s the experience of a lifetime. – Diedre Mair 

Other Academic Support

Graduate study is an exciting opportunity to explore areas of study you love, but the rigours of graduate study can also be challenging. Whether you’re studying commerce, dentistry, architecture, law, medicine, nutrition, or any other degree, we are here to help you do your best and achieve your goals. All students are welcome to speak to the Dean or Senior Tutor about your studies. Our Assistant Senior Tutor for Graduates, Hayden Randall, is also very happy to speak to any member of Graduate House about academic challenges they may be facing.