Rev'd Dr Ed Loane

Appointed on 25 October 2019, Revered Dr Ed Loane commenced as Warden of St Paul’s College in January 2020.

Dr Loane was raised in Wollongong and completed his undergraduate studies at the University of Sydney, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science. He went on to complete his graduate studies at Moore College, followed by a PhD at Cambridge University.

As an Old Pauline, he has an appreciation for the benefits of collegiate education, which he insists have been instrumental in his personal and professional development. Ed has an understanding of the unique history and traditions of St Paul’s, and has also been involved in the more visionary aspects of College, such as the planning and opening of major infrastructure projects on campus.

Ed has served the College as a valued Council Member since May 2017, where he led several structural reforms and cultural renewal initiatives. The College Council, Old Pauline network and current student body welcomed the news of Dr Loane’s appointment as Warden, noting his friendly and approachable yet professional manner.

Dr Loane has a deep passion for history and academia. He seeks to live out his Christian faith in all that he does and enjoys spending time with his family, reading and following live sports. He is residing in the Warden’s Lodge with his wife Jocelyn and their five children.

As the head of college, the Warden is responsible for the daily management of the College operations, in respect to student and academic life, operations, media and governance matters, finances, philanthropy and hospitality. The Warden’s direct reports include senior management team members – Dean of Undergraduates, Dean of Graduate House, Senior Tutor, Chaplain, Business Director, Financial Controller, Director of Communications, Director of Community Development, and the General Manager of St Paul’s Events and Stays.

The Warden is deeply interested in the personal development of the students of the College, and seeks to play an active role in their growth throughout this transformative phase of their lives.