Dr Ivan Head – Poetry

Dr Ivan Head – Poetry

1 year ago

The first of the items celebrating Ivan Head’s term of appointment as Warden of St Paul’s College is now available. The Magpie Sermons is a limited edition print of a selection of Dr Head’s poems. Many of them are peer-reviewed and have been published in national journals giving a delightful memento of the Warden’s contribution to the literary life of Australia. 

Published by St Paul’s College

September 2017

Hardback ISBN 978-0-6481698-0-2 or card covers ISBN 978-0-6481698-1-9 210 x 148 mm

48 pp


Copies of either hardback or card cover books can be ordered using the ORDER FORM and sending it to Richard Morgan, Director of Community Development, at the College, 9 City Rd Camperdown NSW 2050 – t. 02 9550 7472 or e. community@stpauls.edu.au


Hardback limited edition, signed and number by the author $40

Softcover edition $25