Action Plan for cultural renewal

Action Plan for cultural renewal

Broderick Review

In 2018, Elizabeth Broderick & Co undertook a review of the College’s culture which identified many strengths at the College, as well as many areas for improvement. The College accepted and is now implementing all of the recommendations found in the report of that review.

The College has developed an Action Plan to show how we are implementing all of these recommendations. This includes implementation of all recommendations contained in a 2017 report by Elizabeth Broderick & Co. on the culture of other University of Sydney colleges.

St Paul’s College does this in fulfilment of its commitment to offer all its students the best all-round educational experience that it can, in the great tradition of collegiate education.

These values include respect and dignity for all, including equality of respect for all regardless of gender, and diversity and inclusion. They also include emphasis on integrity, community, learning, faith, service, and responsibility.

While covering many other topics as well, this Action Plan reflects the College’s commitment to be leaders in preventing and responding strongly to sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual assault.

This commitment and others are set out in the College’s statement in response to the Broderick Report, as well as the Action Plan.

During the first half of 2019, St Paul’s College will publish a progress report on our implementation of the Broderick Report’s recommendations, which will be updated periodically to track progress. That progress report will be published here.

Use the links below to access the College’s Action Plan, the Cultural Review of St Paul’s College conducted by Elizabeth Broderick & Co in 2018, and the College’s statement in response to the Broderick Report.

Download the Action Plan here

Download the Broderick Report here

Download the College’s statement in response to the Broderick Report here