Saint Paul’s College Act (1857)

Long title: An Act to enlarge the Council of St. Paul’s College.


WHEREAS by an Act passed in the eighteenth year of Her Majesty for the incorporation of St. Paul’s College it was enacted that the fellows of the College should elect six of their own body to be called senior fellows who with the warden should form the Council of the College And whereas it is deemed expedient by the warden senior fellows and fellows of the said College that the Council thereof should in future consist of the warden and all the fellows without distinction but that change can only be effected by the authority of the Legislature

Be it therefore enacted by the Queen’s Most Excellent Majesty by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Council and Legislative Assembly of New South Wales in Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same as follows:

1 Council to consist of fellows and senior fellows

After the passing of this Act the distinction between “fellows” and “senior fellows” of St. Paul’s College shall cease and no senior fellow be elected and the Council of the College shall consist of the warden and eighteen fellows for the time being and in those fellows the powers now residing exclusively in the senior fellows shall be vested.

2 Vacancies in the office of fellow

Every vacancy hereafter arising in the number of fellows shall be notified to the remaining fellows by the warden on the requisition in writing of any two fellows and he shall as soon afterwards as may be practicable convene a meeting of the fellows to supply such vacancy.

3 Quorum of fellows

Before any meeting of the Council or fellows shall take place every fellow resident within fifty miles of Sydney shall have reasonable notice of the day and place of meeting and two clerical and two lay fellows exclusive of the warden or presiding fellow shall constitute a quorum.

Historical notes

The following abbreviations are used in the Historical notes:

Am : amended

No : number

Schs : Schedules

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p : page

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GG : Government Gazette

Rep : repealed

Subst : substituted

Ins : inserted

Sch : Schedule

Table of amending instruments Saint Paul’s College Act (1857) (21 Vic). Assented to 15.12.1857.