Ensuring Our Future


We are challenged like never before...


Throughout its 165 year history, St Paul’s College has faced many challenges. It has been the good will and generosity of the alumni, parents and friends of the College which has ensured its survival through these crises. It is the shared belief in the important place St Paul’s has in the formation of young hearts and minds, academically, socially and spiritually, that has led the College community to be so generous.

The crisis we currently face because of the global COVID-19 pandemic is very serious for St Paul’s College. Our first priority has always been the health and safety of our students. While many important measures relating to social distancing and hygiene were implemented in College, it became clear that the best way to care for our students was to radically reduce the population density at St Paul’s and 225 students have departed. This was the only prudent option for keeping the welfare of our students as the highest priority.

The implications of COVID-19, however, are not only health related but are also economic. The exodus of students from College means there will be up to $5,000,000 dollars in revenue shortfall in 2020. While every cost saving measure possible is being implemented, we need help to see us through this unprecedented global emergency. Furthermore, there is uncertainty about when the College may resume full operation and how significant the wider economic downturn will be on our current and future student’s ability to be members of St Paul’s.

For these reasons we are launching Ensuring our Future: The Emergency Campaign. Our hope is that those in our wider College community may be able to contribute, in either a large or small way, to help St Paul’s at this time. Three options are available: To give directly to the ongoing operational expenses of the College, to give to a special fund to help specific students who would not be able to return to St Paul’s because of the economic downturn or your regular donation to the College Foundation.

I invite you to carefully consider how you might be able to generously contribute to the College we love in order to help it through this difficult time.

Rev Dr. Ed Loane

The year that hasn't been...

As the Senior Student at St Paul’s this year, I have experienced firsthand the significant impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the College, its staff, and my fellow students.

We had a fantastic start to the year. There was a great sense of community, social, academic and co-curricular enrichment and engagement at College. It was saddening and disappointing to put an untimely stop to this progress and reluctantly pack up and leave St Paul’s; the place we all hoped to call home for the entirety of 2020.

I particularly feel for the Freshmen who only enjoy a small taste of what St Paul’s is all about. I also feel for the third years, who will likely miss out on some of the best times of their college experience.

Despite this setback, the Student’s Club Committee and Staff are committed to working together to make a return to College, or part thereof, as enjoyable and fulfilling as possible.

These are challenging times for us all. None of us could have imagined we would be fighting a global pandemic, enduring an unprecedented national lockdown & a severe economic crisis just weeks into the year.

These events have had a big impact on the college’s operations and finances. I ask you to consider supporting St Paul’s during this difficult period.

On behalf of the Student’s Club Committee, we encourage you to draw upon your Pauline spirit, reflecting on the great memories and experiences of your time at St Paul’s. In doing so, your contribution will help support the future generations of Paulines in the years to come.

Thank you and I hope that you remain safe and well during this truly strange and challenging time.

– Max Sinclair, Senior Student 2020

You Can Ensure Our Future...

Contribute to a specialised fund to support students who may not be able to return to or commence at College due to the financial impact of the crisis.


Give directly to guarantee the continued operation of the College during the crisis period.


Give your annual donation to the St Paul’s College Foundation to continue their work in supporting Paulines.

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We can only ensure our future with your support.

Please consider supporting the College through a tax deductible donation.

Choose an option to give today or to contact the College for more information about major gifts and bequests.