An historic moment – first students move in to the Ivan Head Building

An historic moment – first students move in to the Ivan Head Building

2 years ago

Head of College Dr Don Markwell and Deputy Head of College Geoff Lovell were on hand to welcome the first occupants of the Ivan Head Building. They are pictured with Angus Robertson and Tom Abbott.

It was an especially exciting moment in the history of St Paul’s on Friday afternoon when 52 grateful members of the College moved from their old rooms to rooms in the magnificent new Ivan Head Building.

Following the builder’s hand-over of the first and second floors of the new building, and rapid work by staff to prepare rooms, these first students to occupy the Ivan Head Building moved in to great excitement.

These lucky students are now enjoying brand new state-of-the-art accommodation overlooking the College’s third quadrangle, across from the Graduate House which is now under construction. Their fully-furnished studio rooms feature en suite bathrooms, air conditioning, fridge, and television – accommodation suitable for out-of-semester conference guests, as well as matching the world’s best collegiate accommodation. In each floor there are also two common spaces for socialising or group work.

Angus Chadwick at his desk in the Ivan Head Building

This move has meant that, after many students shared rooms earlier in the semester, all students again have their own rooms.

The College will take possession of the rest of the Ivan Head Building during the mid-year break, and over 50 more students will be able to move in to new rooms there for the start of second semester. The completion of the Ivan Head Building will also give the College three new tutorial rooms and two common rooms.

New places for Semester 2

This expansion of College places means that the College can offer places to up to another 50 students in Semester 2. If you know any undergraduate or postgraduate male student of the University of Sydney who would benefit from joining our residential academic community, please encourage them to apply.

The College’s hard-working housekeeping team prepared the rooms for the arriving resident students. Pictured (l to r): Ashi Shariati, Maria Battikha and Lynne Brice.

The College has embarked on a campaign of raising awareness of the benefits that come with the St Paul’s experience which provides students with the best opportunity it can for an all-round education in the great collegiate tradition of the world’s finest universities.

Graduate House

Across the third quadrangle from the Ivan Head Building, construction is proceeding apace on the new Graduate House which, from the start of 2019, will house 140 postgraduate women and men students of the University of Sydney in a distinctive graduate student community. The College has invited applications for the inaugural Dean of Graduate House, who will build and lead the graduate community.

The structural elements of Graduate House’s five floors are now complete with the roof well underway. The spectacular views across the University from the Roof Top Terrace will have great appeal to those visiting the College in future years, and to graduate and undergraduate students alike.

Graduate House will house a new library and study areas, gym, and music rooms, which will be available to undergraduate and graduate students.


The equipping of these and other spaces in the new buildings depends on further philanthropic support from members and friends of the College.

The SHAPE TOMORROW Appeal is well underway and is seeking your support through gifts and pledges of gifts over several years for these important facilities: the new Library/Study Centre, a Music Centre, Gym, tutorial rooms, common rooms, a private dining room, and many smaller items. For more information about the project and making your donation, click here.

Together, the heritage buildings and these superb new buildings will offer collegiate opportunities which are among the best in Australia for high-quality university education for 300 undergraduates and 140 postgraduate students at St Paul’s College.