A celebration of academic excellence and College-University partnership

A celebration of academic excellence and College-University partnership

1 year ago

18 April 2018

The 2018 College and University Dinner last night at St Paul’s College celebrated the academic excellence, service, and leadership of St Paul’s College students, and the partnership between the College and the wider University of Sydney.

The Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sydney, Dr Michael Spence AC, as Guest of Honour presented prizes to outstanding students, congratulating them on their success, and challenging members of the College to think carefully about “what success might be for you”.

Dr Spence spoke of the “graduate qualities” promoted at the University of Sydney as including “an integrated professional, ethical and personal identity”, urging students to reflect on how they might develop this. Dr Spence suggested competing ways in which to think about this.

Dr Spence drew attention to the remarkable tradition of service in the St Paul’s College community, reflected in recent years in, for example, the roles of members of the College in such initiatives as the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience (AIME) and 180 Degrees Consulting.

In thanking the Vice-Chancellor for his thought-provoking speech, University medallist Campbell McLauchlan spoke of how good a context St Paul’s was in which to be a student, including the importance of student participation, leadership and freedom.

He reiterated the Vice-Chancellor’s emphasis on the College’s tradition of service, saying this was also reflected, for example, in the portraits of two Prime Ministers who were members of the College (Sir William McMahon and Mr Gough Whitlam) and in recent student initiatives through the Outreach Syndicate.

The Head of College, Dr Don Markwell, spoke of the College as “a superb environment in which to achieve academic success”, and of the international and Australian evidence of the benefits to students from collegiate education.

Dr Markwell spoke of St Paul’s College as being, in the words of the St Paul’s College Act of 1854, “a College of and within the University of Sydney”.

This partnership with the University was reflected in various ways today – including the Broderick review of college culture, and the College’s magnificent new buildings, which will create more space for undergraduates and for the creation of a new postgraduate community for women and men. The University is also leasing space in the new buildings below the College levels, which will be a great asset to the University.

For Dr Markwell’s speech, click here.

The College and University Dinner followed a choral Evensong, beautifully sung by the College Choir, in the Chapel.

The many members of the College who had secured High Distinction and Distinction averages in 2017 (76 students, comprising 37% of 2017 resident members of the College) were warmly congratulated at the dinner.

One of them, Daniel Cheung, was rapturously applauded for his stunning performance of Chopin’s Scherzo No. 1 on piano.

Prize-winners presented with awards by the Vice-Chancellor were:

Campbell McLauchlanSt Pauls College Council Prize for First Class honours and University Medal; and the Uther prize “for three years’ distinguished results and for service to the College”.

Cody SwadlingPortus Prize“for exceptional examination results in History, Economic History or Philosophy”.

Harry WhiteSir Ian McFarlane Prize “for exceptional results in Economics and/or Commerce and for service to the College”.

John-Patrick Asimakis – McWilliam Prize “for Law other than final year and for services to the College”’; and the Lehane Medallion and Scholarship for a “student who has been resident in the College for at least 3 years and who, by his participation in the activities of the College, and by his academic, sporting or other achievements, has made an exemplary contribution to the life and standing of the College”.

Matthew StuckingsJudge Humfry Henchman Prize “for Final year Law”.

William Gibb  – Asimus Medal  for oratory.

Hugh Jameson – Drury Medal for singing.

Mr Stephen Ingate presented Kokoda Awards for leadership to members of the Students’ Club Committee, who are:

Barney Archibald

Will Evans

James Sinclair

Nick Stubbs

Ben Cobcroft

Daniel Hussey

Daniel Bottrell

Mr Ingate also congratulated Brad McIntyre on the Colin Richardson Service Award for “for service, courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice”.

The College congratulates the following Paulines who are recorded in the University of Sydney lists (8 Jan 2018) for their 2017 Average Mark:

High Distinction: John-Patrick Asimakis, James Bergfield, Adam Cooper-Stanbury, Daniel Cheung, William Chryssafis, Max Davy, Noah Kaplan, Thomas McCredie, Campbell McLauchlan, and Max Mower.

Distinction: David Abraham, Barney Archibald, Jack Baker, James Battock, Sam Bird, Jack Blair, Matthew Burke, Will Carr, Bennett Chapman, William Clarke, Max Crow, Daniel Downes, Tyson Feng, Peter Fenwicke, James Fisher, Aki Flame, Harry Fullerton, Thomas Fullerton, Jackson Garrels, Nick Guesnon, Max Glanville, Angus Gregg, Matthew Harrison, Luke Harry, Baopu He, Nick Healy, Angus Higgins, Henry Higgins, Roland Huang, Hugh Jameson, Sam Johnston, Nicholas Kelland, Lachlan Kemp, See Hong Kim, Nicholas Laidlaw, Longen Lan, Calvin Li, Jack Madew, Jeremy Manuelpillai, Charles Martin, Rory McCarthy, Bradley McIntyre, Max Meares, Michael Muniappan, Nick Murphy, Matthew Myles, Thomas Osborne, Hugh Roberts, Duncan Robertson, Jamie Sandelin, William Simpson, Adrian Siu, Matthew Stuckings, Charles Sullivan, Codey Swadling, Cyril Tang, Toby Thomas, Dennis van Rooyen, Julian Vidal, Charles Wheeler, Harry White, Samuel Woods, Joshua Wooller.