The Senior Tutor is responsible for the academic and educational life of the College – basically, the tutorial system and academic resources, but much else.  (See Forums, Seminars, Symposiums and Academic Dinners, and Academic Support.)  He is assisted by the Student Dean, who is appointed each year from among the more senior men in College, and who is responsible for organising an annual symposium, for coordinating the activities of the Middle Common Room (Honours students and others) and for liaising between the Senior Common Room and the undergraduates.

The Senior Tutor also deals with any significant problems students are having with their work (and is happy to hear about less significant ones), including contemplated changes in enrolment.

The current Senior Tutor, Emeritus Professor Alan Atkinson, is a former student of the College, has three adult children and he and his wife Catherine (a lawyer) live on-site.  He was appointed in February 2010 and elected a Fellow of the College in May 2011.   His email is, his mobile is 0437862794, his study is no 209 (middle Denison) and his flat is no 217 (top Denison),

He is an historian of Australia, he has postgraduate degrees from three universities (Sydney, Trinity College Dublin, and the Australian National University) and he has taught at three (Murdoch, the University of Western Australia and the University of New England), over a period of more than thirty years.  He has also taught in secondary schools; one of his postgraduate degrees is in Education and he maintains an ongoing interest in how education works.  For three years he was a member of the Australian Research Council, Australia's top research funding body.  He has been a Fulbright Scholar and a Visiting Fellow at the universities of Cambridge, London and Melbourne and at the Australian National University.

Having been appointed to a Personal Chair at the University of New England in 1997, he went on to be an Australian Research Council Professorial Fellow.  He is currently a Fellow of the Australian Academy of the Humanities, an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Australian Historical Society, an Emeritus Professor of UNE and an Honorary Professor of this University.  

He has written a number of books and is currently working on the history of the College, together with a family history, one his own and the other an account of the Macarthiur family of Camden, NSW.  

Former Senior Tutors

1964-65 Professor Michael Taylor, BS, PhD, MD (Professor of Physiology, University of Sydney, and afterwards Deputy Vice-Chancellor).  His title was Dean of Studies.

1967-68 Dr Ken Dutton, MA, D de l’U (afterwards Professor of French, University of Newcastle and AM)

1969-73 Mr John Lehane, BA, LLB (afterwards Federal Court judge, Fellow and chairman of Council)

1973-74 Dr Geoffrey de Quincy Walker, LLB, SJD  (afterwards Professor of Law, University of Sydney, and Deputy President of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal )

1978-87 Dr Barry Spurr, MLitt, MA, PhD (afterwards Professor of Poetry and Poetics, University of Sydney)

1988-89 Mr Adrian Diethelm, BA, LLB, BCL (afterwards barrister and Lecturer in Law, University of Queensland, and now Rector of St John's College) 

1990-97 Dr Jim Angel, OBE, DipEd, MA, PhD (historian)

1998 Dr Peter Edwards, BA, DPhil (formerly Master of St Mark's College, University of Adelaide, afterwards AM and Professor of History, Deakin University)

1999-Jan 2010 Dr Dugald McLellan, BA, LLB, PhD (Italian art historian; appointed an Honorary Fellow of the University for his work as Senior Tutor)