The College awards a significant number of scholarships, funded by the College Foundation and by a series of generous individual benefactors.  (For relevant historical detail, go to benefactors.)  In any one year there are at least 57 scholarship holders, so that close to a third of all students at St Paul’s are beneficiaries of a scholarship of one sort or another. A significant number are for full fees, the majority are for half fees, and others are for quarter fees and below.  Also awarded each year are a large number of medals and other prizes, for leadership, for academic achievement and for performance in music, oratory, debating and so on, some of which are monetary.

The College also offers scholarships in connection with the Yalari scheme for Indigenous students across Australia.

Scholarship application deadline for 2015: Last week in November 2014


Sydney Uni Sports and Fitness (SUSF) offer a scholarship in conjunction with the College -  Note: you must also put in a St Paul's College scholarship application if applying for the SUSF scholarship.

The main scholarships are:

Full-fee Scholarships (on occasion these are shared):

  • 3 Albert Scholarships (for three years)
  • The Arnott Postgraduate Scholarship (fees + weekly allowance, renewable for three years)
  • The Warden’s Scholarship (for one year, awarded annually)
  • 2 McConnell Scholarships (renewable for three years)

Half-fee Scholarships:

  • 30 Foundation Scholarships (renewable for three years), including one for Indigenous students
  • The John Booth Music Scholarship
  • 2 Pauline Scholarships (for one year, awarded annually)
  • The Greenland-Stapley Edwards Medical Scholarship (half fees)
  • The Sharp Indigenous Scholarship (this is in addition to the Yalari awards; half fees)
  • The Sharp Medical Scholarship
  • The Medical Alumni Scholarship (up to four years, with review at two years)
  • The Frank Callaway Scholarship (one year only; for undergraduates, second or subsequent year at College )

Scholarships equivalent to one-quarter or one-eighth fees:

  • 8 Grainger Schlarships
  • 2 Wallace Anderson Scholarships (for students from The King's School, for two years)
  • The F.F. Bundock Scholarship (preferably for students from The King's School, up to three years)
  • The Canon Stephen Scholarship
  • The Aspinall-Kemp Scholarship
  • The Priddle Parnell Scholarship
  • The W.C. Bundock Scholarship

Every year a significant proportion of these scholarships comes up for allocation. Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic results in the first instance, though there is also an expectation of active contribution to the life of the College. Retention is dependent on satisfactory academic progress.

Enquiries: or call 9550 7451