Shape Tomorrow: Graduate House

Graduate House

St Paul’s College is building upon its distinguished heritage by creating a distinctive new ‘Graduate House’ community for postgraduate students and academics, both women and men, from Australia and around the world.

The Graduate House community, to be made up of 140 residents, will be unique within the University of Sydney and is scheduled to open in January 2019. Click here for the Graduate House prospectus for postgraduate students and academics entering in 2019.

For information on the position of Dean of Graduate House click here.

Residents will enjoy a unique experience of university life, in a beautiful physical environment in the “Oxbridge” style, with an unparalleled combination of facilities and programmes of higher value and at lower comparable cost than available alternatives.

Graduate House will offer secure collegiate facilities suitable for independent-style living, with high quality academic and student studio apartments, while also having access to substantial communal facilities. Some accommodation will be suitable for couples.

Led by the Warden (Head of College) and the Dean of Graduate House, the initial residents will have the opportunity to lead the creation of Australia’s leading graduate community for women and men.

St Paul’s College and its Graduate House will be two communities within the one collegiate environment. They will sit side-by-side at the heart of the University of Sydney. Whilst related by identity and affiliation, each community will offer distinctive opportunities and experiences reflecting the full spectrum of university life.

Graduate House will be founded upon inter-disciplinary interaction and distinctive academic leadership and it will be complementary to the University’s growing focus on higher degrees, postgraduate studies and inter-disciplinary research centres.

Accommodation for Academics:


Accommodation for Postgraduate students of the University of Sydney:



Construction progress:

A bird’s eye view of the Ivan Head Building and Third Quadrangle space during the pouring of 550 cubic metres of concrete forming the ground floor slab on 26 July 2017.

Construction Camera 1

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Construction Camera 2

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Project Team

The College project team, led by the Vice Warden Mr Geoff Lovell and Mr Stephen McMillan, continues to receive expert advice on the project from Citta Property Group, Cox Architecture, Hector Abrahams Architects, and has the whole-hearted ongoing support of the University of Sydney.

Citta Cox Hector Abrahams

Your Support

We hope you will partner with us to strengthen St Paul’s College as the pre-eminent college for both undergraduate and graduate students, shaping for good the lives of its members, the University of Sydney, and the society of tomorrow.


If you’d like to learn more about the project, please contact the Deputy Head of College
Mr Geoff Lovell 02 9550 7444