Shape Tomorrow: the building

Shape Tomorrow: the building

A bird’s eye view of the West Wing and Third Quadrangle space during the pouring of 550 cubic metres of concrete forming the ground floor slab on 26 July 2017

At the start of 2017 building works began on the foundations for the Third Quadrangle. A time-lapse camera now records the building progress and an hourly up-date can be seen here.

Please continue to support our Vision 2056 as the College now looks forward, we are building upon our illustrious heritage to shape an even brighter tomorrow by responding and contributing to the evolving nature of higher education worldwide.

New facilities and programmes that support the requirements of modern student and academic life at The University of Sydney are becoming a reality at St Paul’s College.

Building Project Up-date No. 1 : No. 1

Construction Camera 1

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Construction Camera 2

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Project Team

The College project team, led by the Vice Warden Mr Geoff Lovell and Mr Stephen McMillan, continues to receive expert advice on the project from Citta Property Group, Cox Architecture, Hector Abrahams Architects, and has the whole-hearted ongoing support of the University of Sydney.

Citta Cox Hector Abrahams

Your Support

We hope you will partner with us to strengthen St Paul’s College as the pre-eminent college for both undergraduate and graduate students, shaping for good the lives of its members, the University of Sydney, and the society of tomorrow.

If you’d like to learn more about the project, please contact us:

Vice Warden
Mr Geoff Lovell 02 9550 7444