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Selection process

Residence in the College is offered on the basis of merit and potential.

Applications for residence should be sent to the Registrar, at, who will organise an interview. The Warden and Senior Tutor will meet with you. Successful applicants are good all-rounders, with high academic achievement (or promise), excellent references, strong extracurricular involvement, a keen desire to be part of a cohesive and dynamic college community, and a real wish to do well.

Ability to manage your time is also important. There is much to do in College and at University, and demands on time can be a challenge.

For all enquiries please contact the Registrar on +61 2 9550 7451 or email

Offers for 2018 are still available – Apply Now

Applications for 2018  and 2019 will be accepted now. There is no closing date for applications, however it is recommended that you apply sooner in the year rather than later.

Download the St Paul's College Fillable Application PDF Form

Download the St Paul's College Fillable Application PDF Form

If you finished school in 2017 and plan to take a gap year in 2018 before starting at University in 2019, you should apply this year. An interview can be arranged before you leave.


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Application instructions

Download the application form (or use the PDF) and send in the completed form with a passport photo and $200 application fee by cheque if not paying by credit card. See Fees and charges.  Please send original passport photo and not printouts. Jpgs are also accepted (not pdfs).

Applications should be made directly to the College. St Paul’s does not share applications with other University of Sydney colleges.

Two references are required. References must be sent directly to the College by the referee. The academic reference should be from either your headmaster/school principal or a University lecturer/tutor. The personal reference should be from someone who knows you well but who can give an objective account of you, rather than a family friend – for example, a coach or boarding-house supervisor. The Warden values references from those who write candidly about what makes you distinctive.

References can be emailed to if this is more convenient than mailing them. Preferably only one reference should come from the applicant’s school.

Note: St Paul’s does not use a generic referee form.

When all information has been received and processed, the Registrar will contact you to arrange a time for your interview with the Warden and/or Senior Tutor.

Scanned documents or email attachments are accepted.
Contact the Registrar on +61 2 9550 7451 or email

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