What are we?

What are we?

St Paul’s College is a residential academic community for men who are students of the University of Sydney, New South Wales. The College is at the centre of the University campus.

Good education involves being part of a learning community. Students operate in three types of learning community: the online community, which can be vast; the University, which is more immediate, but still big; and then there’s the smaller community of day-to-day experience. St Paul’s is powerful at that last level.

At Sydney University over one thousand students live on campus in residential colleges, a step away from lectures and also from the busy, vivid suburbs of Newtown and Glebe.  St Paul’s hosts approximately 200 residents. Most are studying at undergraduate level, but they include postgraduate students and other senior scholars.

At the core of the College experience are the friendships which form between young people of ability as they pursue varied university studies. So is the exhilarating process of learning together. At Paul’s that happens at all levels and across all levels.

From 2019, St Paul’s will offer postgraduate places for women and men, as well as undergraduate places for men who are students of the University of Sydney.

St Paul’s College aims –

  • to open the way to the best that the University has to offer;
  • to create a home for intellectual leadership and moral responsibility;
  • to sustain itself as a community which is intelligent, amicable, amiable, dynamic and inclusive of varied religions, ethnicities and sexualities;
  • to amuse, given that not all who wander are lost;
  • to celebrate the historic Christian tradition of faith and worship in a critical and informed Anglican manner, and to recognise and explore the best in all faiths;
  • to contribute to the goodness of the nation and the world.

In short, Deo Patriae Tibi, which is to say (loosely interpreted), we work for the eternal things of the spirit, for the communities we belong to at every level, and for our best selves.

“The first and simplest emotion which we discover in the human mind is curiosity.” Edmund Burke