The Foundation

The Foundation

The St Paul’s College Foundation (with the College corporate body as Trustee) was established as a capital fund in 1977 and since then has made available over $15 million to the College. It builds on the workl of several generations of benefactors. Its principal objectives are:

  • to restore and maintain the heritage buildings on a long term basis
  • to fund an extensive scholarship program
  • to help provide state-of-the-art student facilities
  • to support development initiatives
  • to support a new building program
  • to provide an annual subsidy for the cost of routine and maintenance in order to minimize the impact on student fees

Highlights of the Foundation’s achievements

  • all the Blacket stonework has been repaired and restored
  • four residential wings have been completely renovated
  • all plumbing and hot water systems have been replaced
  • a major fire-sprinkler system has been installed in all the heritage buildings and a smoke alarm system in all rooms
  • a local area computer network has been established connecting all rooms to the internet
  • underutilized space has been converted to a combined concert hall and conference centre
  • a major new residential and administration wing has been constructed
  • a Foundation Scholarship program has been established, at present funding a comprehensive Felix Arnott scholarship for post-graduate study, and 30 half scholarships


The Foundation conducts a twice-yearly appeal among the Pauline community and raises between $50,000 and $100,000 in individual donations annually. It has also been the recipient of several one-off major donations. Gifts (whether in cash or in kind) from without the Pauline community are equally welcome.

  • all gifts over $2 are tax deductible
  • gifting on an annual basis is encouraged, and many Paulines have donated continuously since 1977
  • all gifts are acknowledged
  • donors of $10 or more are members of the Foundation in the year of their gift and have their names (not amounts) published in the year’s annual report
  • donors of $1,000 or more (given over any period) become Life Members and have their names (not amounts) published each year
  • donations are welcome at any time and may be made through the College or direct to the Foundation or by downloading the attached form


The Foundation has received a number of major bequests since it was established, and encourages prospective donors to consider supporting the College through the Foundation in this significant way. Past bequests have enabled the College to:

  • provide a pub, TV and beer-garden recreation area
  • reconstruct and refurbish a tennis and basketball court area
  • assist with the construction of a new wing
  • provide a concert hall and conference facility


Information about the Foundation can be obtained from:

Kim Sanchez, Director of Advancement

Tel: 02 9550 7444

9 City Road,



The Foundation Chairman, Mr Robert Albert AO,

GPO Box 4899,


Tel: 02 9232 2144