Women’s Organisation

Women’s Organisation

Until the 1920s women’s independent contribution to the College was felt mainly in the creation of scholarships, a field in which they figured much more frequently than men. Formed in 1927, the main purpose of the St Paul’s College Women’s Organisation is “to unite all women who through kinship, affection or sentiment are interested in the traditions and welfare of St Paul’s College”.

This translates into an organisation with a current membership of about 300, run by an Executive and Committee elected at an Annual General Meeting held in May each year. The Patron is Mrs Christine Head, wife of the Warden. The current President is Mrs Hanja Bicknell.

Various events are held each year, proceeds from which support special projects in College. In addition, the Women’s Organisation has an ongoing commitment to provide framed photographs of Rawson Cup teams for display in the corridors.

To mark the Sesquicentenary of the College in 2006, the Women’s Organisation provided floodlighting of buildings and jacarandas in the Quad and also of the Chapel Window (so that the stained glass can be seen inside at night during Services).

This support is very much valued by members of St Paul’s College.

SPCWO Executive Committee 2016


Title Name Email
President Hanja Bicknell spcwopresident@stpauls.edu.au
Vice president Miranda Hasset
Vice president Jane Higgins
Hon Sec Tracey Gallagher spcwosecretary@stpauls.edu.au
Hon Assist Sec Elisabeth Hall spcwosecretary@stpauls.edu.au
Hon Treasurer Margaret Palmer spcwotreasurer@stpauls.edu.au
Hon Assist Tres Hellene Flame spcwotreasurer@stpauls.edu.au
Patron Christine Head spcwopatron@stpauls.edu.au